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Bring a smile to your face with these funny and witty jokes inspired by the famous playwright Noel Coward. Laugh at Coward’s humorous observations about everyday life, and have a good chuckle at jokes about kicks to the udder and decalfeinated coffee.

Best Short Coward Jokes

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  1. The other night my wife and I had an argument, and by the end of it I had that woman on her knees! She was saying, 'Come out from under the bed, you coward.'
  2. Two cows got in a fight.. One started to march towards the other, while the other got scared.
    One was cowrageous.
    The other was a coward.
  3. Why did the coward suddenly feel brave after touching a big rock? Because he felt a little boulder.
  4. Whenever I have an argument with my wife, she always comes to me crawling And then she says: "Get out from under the couch, you coward!"
  5. 'So how did the fight with your wife end last night?' 'She came to me on her knees!'

    'Oh yeah, and what did she say?'

    'Come out, you can't stay under the table forever, coward!'
  6. A cockroach's last words to a husband: "Go ahead, kill me coward. You are just jealous I will make your wife scream more than you do when I climb her."
  7. At the end of our last argument, my wife was on her hands and knees before me! And then she said: "Get out from under the couch, you coward!"
  8. A man went into a bookstore and complained... I bought this book from you yesterday, 'Cowards in History' and all the pages fell out!"
    The sales assistant said, That's because it has no spine.
  9. What do you call cattle that don't have courage? Cowards.
    Thanks folks, I wrote this when I was 7 years old!
  10. Did I win? My wife and I got into a huge argument. But in the end, she came crawling to me on her hands and knees.
    Wife: Come out from under that bed you coward!

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Coward One Liners

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  1. Why are bassists considered cowardly? Because they disappear at the first sign of treble.
  2. What do you call a group of eight cowards? Octopussies.
  3. What do cowardly terrorists and my Reddit posts have in common? None of them blew up yet
  4. What do you call a cowardly revolution? A chicken coup.
  5. How do you spell coward? S-O-N-Y
  6. Got my girlfriend on her knees today... STOP HIDING UNDER THE BED, YOU COWARD!
  7. What do you call a cowardly platypus? A platypussy.
  8. Who is the most cowardly knight in all the land? Sir Ender
  9. My nose is a coward. As soon as it sees any allergens it runs!
  10. What do you call a cow that's scared of everything? Coward!
  11. What do you call cowards that fly? Chicken wings
  12. Why didn't the cow cross the road? He was a Cow-ard
  13. What did Zack say after discovering his coward genes? Zackrebleu!
  14. What milk does a coward make? Craven-dale
  15. Why are Asians such cowards? Cuz they're yellow-bellied

French Coward Jokes

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  • We make fun of the French for being cowards, but they're actually quite brave and fearless I mean, they are the ones who discovered that you can eat snails
  • They say you are what you eat... which explains why the French are so cowardly.

Noel Coward Jokes

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  • Did you hear about the guy who was a conscientious objector in the War on Christmas? I don't care what he claimed. I think he's just a noel coward.
Coward joke, Did you hear about the guy who was a conscientious objector in the War on Christmas?

Delightful Fun Coward Jokes for a Roaring Good Time

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Dave was getting robbed in the desert

he gave the robber his money and asked the robber shoot a few bullets in his hat to make it believable to his wife that he was robbed.
he then asked," shoot a few bullets in the coat while you're at it, I want to look like I fought you and not look like a coward"
after the robber shot the coat, he said, "shoot a few holes-"
"please, no more holes, I'm out of bullets"
"that's what I wanted to hear. now give me back the wallet and some more money for the hat and coat you destroyed before I beat you black and blue"

The Biggest Coward

Two kids are arguing over whose father is the biggest coward.
The first kid says," My dad is so scared that when a lightning strikes my dad slides underneath our bed."
The second kid goes," That's nothing, my dad is so scared, that when mummy works night shift, my dad sleeps with the woman next door."

Got in a fight with my wife last night

Says o**... to his friend.
"Again", said the friend, "How did it end this time?"
"Well, she ended up on her knees, practically begging"
"Really, what did she say?"
"Get out from under the bed you coward"

Chuck Norris is a coward!

If that s**... was so brave as people say he would show up here right now and smash my head against my keybakwue hr<awjd <akreu<an<awlkuhnc<a kjdqw;eoim

Why did the cowardly king refuse to visit his stables?

Because they were full of knight mares.

Why did the man squish the cockroach?

Because he said to the man, "Go ahead, kill me coward. You are just jealous I make your wife scream more than you do when I climb her.'

Only a coward brings a gun to a swordfight,

But only a m**... brings a sword to a gunfight.

Coward joke, Only a coward brings a gun to a swordfight,

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