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They say cow manure come from males.

But that's b**....

What do you call a person that sells cow p**...?

An entre-manure

Berry good

Two guys were arguing over the best way to grow strawberries. One asserted that Miracle-Gro was the best method, the other insisted that cow manure would yield the largest and sweetest berries. They finally decided to ask Mrs. Thompson, who was known far and wide for her succulent, large strawberries. So one farmer says Mrs. Thompson, do you put cow manure on your strawberries. She replied, No, I either eat them plain or add sugar and cream.

Apparently, there exist a group of people who smear cow manure on their faces as an act of worship.

Personally, I think it's b**....

TIL that the word b**... got its meaning because people who got caught lying in court were punished by having to eat cow manure, or horse manure, hence h**....

Not really.

Yuppie buys a house in the country

A Yuppie decides to buy a plot of land in the countryside and build a house. Unfortunately, his neighbor is an old farmer who likes to spread his cows' manure on his fields every time the Yuppie throws a backyard cookout.
So one day the Yuppie sees the farmer and lets him know that he's going to have one of his cookouts the coming Sunday, and asks the farmer if he could delay his spraying until the next day.
The farmer thinks about it for a second, and then replies
"Yup, I can certainly see how you city folks might be bothered by the smell of cow manure. But did it ever occur to you how my cows felt about the smell of your bar-b-que?

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