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  1. Why did everyone have Covid-19 at the kpop concert? Because a symptom of Coronavirus is lack of taste.
  2. John Travolta was admitted to a hospital with COVID symptoms last Sunday. It was just a Saturday Night fever.
  3. How does Jeff Bezos tell his doctor that his Covid symptoms are horrible? Doc, I feel like a million bucks.
  4. If you don't like me... You should get tested. One of the symptoms of covid is no taste.
    I saw this somewhere yesterday and had to share.
  5. Did you hear about another recently discovered symptom of COVID-19? Elect-ile dysfunction.
  6. Heard one of the symptoms of COVID-19 was liking Nickleback... ... sorry looks like I misread the loss of taste.
  7. With losing your sense of smell from COVID-19 being a symptom, I no longer call it f**... in a crowded elevator. I call it a free COVID-19 test

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COVID-19 home test:

Open a beer and smell it. If you can smell the beer, this is good, as one of the symptoms of COVID-19 is a loss of smell.
Now drink the beer. If you can taste it, this is good, as another symptom of COVID-19 is loss of taste.
I was tested 11 times yesterday, and all tests turned out negative.
I need more testing today, since headache is another potential symptom...

Rapper Eminem has tested positive for COVID-19

In a statement released by doctors, it has been been revealed the following symptoms: his palms were sweaty, knees weak and arms were heavy. Not to mention that there was v**... on his sweater already.
Initial testing suggests that the cause is: Mom's Spaghetti.

A new and easy test for COVID-19

Take a glass and pour your favourite spirit, then see if you can smell it.
If you can then you are halfway there.
Then drink it and if you can taste it then it is reasonable to assume you are currently free of the virus.
I tested myself nine times last night and was virus free every time, thank goodness.
I will have to test myself again today, as I have a headache, which can also be one of the symptoms!!!

A man went to the doctor for a routine checkup

He was generally well, just thought it was a good idea to check in. The doctor, however, immediately reached for the covid swab.
"I'm going to test you for Covid19" the Doctor said.
"But I'm well, no complaints, why would you do that?" Replied the man.
"Well..." The doctor started, his gaze narrowing. "Loss of taste is a known symptom of the virus, and you're wearing Crocs."

A woman goes to the doctor because she suspects she might have covid

She enters the office and while she was in the middle of explaining her symptoms the doctor with a blushed face calls his assistant and asks for a room to admit the woman into the hospital.
The woman surprised says "Are you sure I have covid? It's just a mild cough and I haven't been even tested yet!
To which the doctor replies "Lady I just had finished my lunch and released a huge f**... a second before you came in, if you couldn't smell that I'm not wasting a test"

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