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  1. Everyone is concerned about Trump's health after he posted an incomprehensible tweet about his covfefe But don't worry. Dr. Hufghfufu just assured the media that he's agvofofi.
  2. When I find myself in times of trouble... When I find myself in times of trouble /
    Mother Russia comes to me /
    Speaking words of wisdom... /
  3. What do you get when you mix an atom of cobalt, an atom of vanadium, and two atoms of iron? covfefe
  4. You have to read this in Paul McCartney's voice When I find my tweets are causing trouble
    Mother Russia comforts me
    Tweeting words of wisdom
  5. What's the difference between Donald Trump's tweets and an impetuous, immature, 14-year-old girl's tweets? covfefe
  6. TIL that the United States President Donald Trump sold Norway reverse engineered Roswell F52 Covfefe fighters
  7. In 2017 I caught up with the coffee world and bought a french press and an aero press I finally caught up and now I have to buy a g**... negative press for my covfefe.

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  1. I like my women like I like my covfefe A mystery
  2. What do you call a gathering of Covidiots? A Covfefe
  3. "Do you love me, Donald?" asked Melania. "Covfefe."
  4. I've been getting very negative news recently, but despite all of that covfefe
  5. How to be a successful president: Start every morning with a fresh cup of covfefe.
  6. 2019? Fake News!! Dems did it. Covfefe.
  7. What is Nambia? It's the world's top producer of covfefe.
  8. What is the president's favorite chocolate? Covfefe crisp
  9. I like my president how I like my covfefe... Black
  10. He who makes the covfefe Makes the rules
  11. I don't know how to get fast karma so... covfefe
  12. Covfefe always there, despite negative press
  13. Popsicle Joke: Why does starbucks get such bad news coverage? Because their covfefe s**...

Covfefe joke, Popsicle Joke: Why does starbucks get such bad news coverage?

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Covfefe joke, 2019? Fake News!! Dems did it. Covfefe.

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