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Covert jokes refer to the secrecy and manipulation used by a covert narcissist. This article examines the dynamics of this type of narcissism, provides examples from various religious and occult sects, and sheds light on the implications of covert narcissism. Get an in-depth understanding of this personality disorder with this thought-provoking article.

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I recently drove through the town of Covert, New York on a road trip.

I didn't notice.

What do you call a covert assasination mission carried out by North Korea in another country?

A heart attack

So I'm taking a Terrorism and Covert Politics class

Pretty sure I bombed the midterm.

What do you call conspicuous policemen on a stealth mission?

Over cops on covert ops.

Two Jewish men are walking down the street.

They notice a sign outside a church that reads, "$200 to covert to Christianity."
One of them asks, "Well, you want to give it a shot?"
"Nah", the other responds.
"I'm not really religious anyway; I'll take their money" says the first.
An hour goes by and he comes walks back out and sees his friend waiting by the doors. "Did you go through with it?" the friend asks.
"So? Did you get the money?" asks the friend.
"Is that really all you people think about?"

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