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A few electrons are having a party

When suddenly, an uninvited proton enters, and since opposites attract, all the electrons get stuck to him. Unable to pull themselves away from the gatecrasher, they scream for help. A mystery stranger hears their cries, jumps in, pulls all the electrons off and throws the proton out of the premises. The grateful electrons ask their saviour to identify himself. Mysteriously, he pulls down his hat and answers:
"Bond. Covalent Bond."

What did the oxygen atom in tuxedo say to the hydrogen atoms?

Bond, Covalent Bond

All Electrons were having the party

All Electrons were having the party
Suddenly protons attacked them..
A hero came and saved the electrons..
Electrons asked hero: "Who are you ?? "
Hero said : " BOND .. COVALENT BOND "

The name's Bond

Covalent bond. Shared, not taken.

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