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The Best Courtyard Puns

An identity thief and a rapist get convicted in a poor town...

The judge decides that the best punishment is to tie them up in a courtyard and for $5 you can punch the identity thief so he can never use his charm to con again, or for $10 you can kick the rapist in the nuts. The police officer in charge of this spots a girl kick the identity thief in the nuts and says, "Hey! You can't do that!" The girl asks, "Why not?" And the cop says, "Because this is the punchline."

"When I see Donald Trump..." - Edinburgh Fringe 2018

When I see Donald Trump I get the same thought in my head as I get after a particularly painful bikini wax.

Bush wasn't that bad.

Angela Barnes, Pleasance Courtyard, 7.15pm

A man was passing by a small courtyard when he starting hearing...

...voices and murmuring. He went in and saw an altar with a large zero in the middle and a banner that said, "NIL."

White-robed people were kneeling before the altar chanting hymns to The Great Nullity and The Blessed Emptiness.

The man turned to a white-robed observer beside him and asked, "Is Nothing Sacred?"


My coworker wouldn't shut up about the hotel he stayed at

I told him if you love it so much, why don't you Marriot?

How I learned to mind my own business???

One day I was walking near a mental institution. Everyone in the courtyard was yelling: 13 13 13 !!!
The fence was to high to see anything, but I found a hole so I got close to peak through it.. A crazy guy poked me in the eye and everyone started yelling: 14 14 14!!!

An elderly woman called the police to report that a man was in the apartment across the courtyard, dancing around his apartment with the windows open, completely naked

When the officers arrived at her address, she led them to the window overlooking the courtyard and pointed across to a window on the building across the way.

"Ma'am... I'm sorry, but I can't see anything," said one of the officers.

The lady responded, "Here, stand up on this step stool and look..."

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