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What's the difference between Wayne Gretzky and Courtney Love?

After 3 periods, Gretzky takes a shower.

What did Courtney Love say before she shot Kurt?

"Hole is gonna be huge."

What is the difference between Courtney Love and a porcupine?

A porcupines needle won't give you AIDS

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain really did have so much in common.

Because both were successful punk rockers, who are most well known for killing Kurt Cobain.

What do you call a Volleyball player who hurt her knee diving for the ball?


Courtney Love could snap me like a twig

Or she could kill me and make it look like suicide

My roommate dressed as a syringe for our Halloween house party.

He's upstairs with the sexy girl wearing the Courtney Love costume.

In the addict.

What did Courtney Love say to Kurt Kobain after finding out he cheated on her?

*"I'll give you one more shot"*

What do you call a girl who plays tennis on her knees?


What is Courtney Love's favorite party game?

Courtney Love

I bet Courtney Love wishes that musical greatness was sexuality transmitted.

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