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A Native American goes to court

and says: - "I want to change my name"
the clerk asks him: "What is your name?"
\-"The big round rock that rolled down the hill and fell into the creek"
\-"And what will your new name be?"

Matthew McConaughey has a younger brother who works as a court clerk.

Everybody knows him for his signature phrase:'All rise, all rise, all rise'.

Take him down

In an English courtroom ....
Judge: before I pass sentence have you anything you wish to say?
Defendant: F**k all
Judge to clerk of court: What did he say!
Clerk to Judge: F**k all m'lud
Judge to clerk: He did you know, I saw his lips move.

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis found in contempt of court and taken into custody...

...making it the first time a public sector employee has gotten in trouble for not doing their job.

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