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The Best Courier Puns

My wife didn't order anything from Amazon yesterday

So the courier guy knocked on the door today to check if we were ok.

Found this one on Wikipedia of all places

Two young women are drinking tea together. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. One of the women opens the door and finds a courier with a big great bouquet of roses. She walks inside and reads to her friend: *"Much love from your boyfriend!"* She immediately groans out: *"You know what this'll mean? This'll mean I'll be lying on my back with my legs spread wide open for the next two weeks!"* To which her friend says, *"Don't you have a vase?"*

The courier delivered only half of my grizzly outfit today...

So I choked him with my bear hands.

TIFU on the first day of my courier job

OP didn't deliver

What courier do terrorists use?


Did you hear about the courier who became a successful comedian?

The jokes were nothing special, but his delivery was impeccable.

I had a great idea for a courier business, run by lesbians.

I'd call the company "Lickety Split Delivery".

What do you call an Indian Fedex worker?

A courier.

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