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The Best Coupe Puns

Why did Sauron buy the sedan instead of the coupe?

More doors.

My friend is a magician and he said he could make a chicken hatch back into an egg

But first he would need to add a rear door to the chicken coupe

Why do they call it a chicken coupe?

If it had 4 doors it'd be a chicken sedan.

The government bought me a sports car.

It's a coupe d'etat.

What's the difference between a brutal military overthrow and a Volkswagen Beetle made out of mucus?

One's a vicious coup and the other is a viscous coupe.

What did the Ork say when trading a coupe in for a sedan?

More doors!

A construction crew was converting an old road near a chicken coupe back to farmland...

Comedians slaughtered the construction crew, and the jokes continued.

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