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The Best Coul Puns

Why couldnt the laptop take off his hat?

He had caps lock on.

Why couldnt the NSA whistle blower leave russia?

He was snowed in

Couldnt find it

I couldn't find the thingy you use to peel the carrots and potatoes anywhere, so I asked the kids if they had seen it.

Apparently she left me yesterday.

Why couldnt anyone else pull the sword from the stone?

They didn't have the arthurization.

Why couldnt Elon Musk lift the box?

Its was too falcon heavy

I'm sorry

Why couldnt the feminist screw in a lightbulb?

Because there was a glass ceiling.

Why couldnt the laptop see?

Cause it was SoDIMM

Why couldnt the guy hold a conversation with the female transgender marine biologist?

They didn't agree on a lot of things, but a big part of it was he didn't speak whale.

Note: In my defense I don't discriminate except by how I know a person. I have friends on all sides of the NFL hype, sexual rights hype, and abortion debate. But this joke gets laughs among them all.

Why couldnt the 11 year old enter the pirate movie?

....Because it was rated Argggh

Why couldnt the egg make it through boot camp?

Cuz he cracks under pressure.

Why couldnt the toilet paper cross the road?

Because it got stuck in a crack

Could-a Would-a Should-a

Or as cheese lovers like to say,

Gouda Wouda Shouda

One of my friends loves mediterranean food more than anyone I've ever seen

You coul say he's a hummusexual.

I coulda been a doctor

But I just don't have the patients.

I couldnt make reservations at this swenky new library

They were fully booked.

My Coulrophobia stopped my potential career as a clown...

I just couldn't see myself doing it.

Why couldnt Iron Man take off his suit?

Because he's Tony Stuck.

why couldnt the pterodactyl learn the alphabet?

Because it wasnt invented yet.

Kill me for this anitjoke

Why couldnt you trust Castros wife?

Because at one point, she was infidel.

Ok ill leave now

Why couldnt Sally swing?

She had no arms

Why did Billy drop his icecream?

He got hit by a bus

They said i couldnt bring outside snacks into the theater...

But I've got a few twix up my sleeve!

Why couldnt the crunchy peanut butter meet any women?

Because he wasn't smooth.

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