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  1. Saw a black man run down the street with a flatscreen under his arm At first i thought it was mine,
    but then i remembered that mine was chained in my backyard picking cotton
  2. I Work At Sears And Some Black Guys Came In Asking For Polyester Pants It's weird because they usually pick cotton.
  3. You will never see a black clown at the circus... Because they are busy picking cotton candy.
  4. What do you call the offspring of a black man and an octopus? I don't know but it sure can pick a lot of cotton.
  5. Why is there cotton on top of the pills inside a pill bottle? To remind black people they picked cotton before they sold drugs.
  6. A black man walked into my store today and bought polyester pants. Which is weird, since they usually pick cotton.
  7. I Told My Black Friend He Has a Nice Shirt He replies saying it is made out of quality cotton.
    I asked if his parents picked it out for him.
  8. You know which presidential candidate in 2020 will have the hardest time? Tom Cotton.
    Having to tell black people to "Pick Cotton!" in 2020.
  9. A black work colleague of mine accused me of making subtle racist comments to him. I had to defend myself and said woah, now hold on a cotton picking minute
  10. What do you get when you mix a Black Person with an Octopus? I don't know but it sure would be good at picking cotton!

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Cotton Picking One Liners

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  1. Want to know how dark my humor is? It picks cotton
  2. I am so Pro-Black... That I don't even pick cotton from an Aspirin bottle...
  3. If we knew we'd have this many problems, we would've picked our own cotton.
  4. Why do black people have the best clothes? They spent a lot of time picking up cotton
  5. What do you get if you cross a black man with an octopus? A mean cotton-picking machine!
  6. What do you call a black man with six arms? Not a clue, but he sure can pick cotton!
  7. Sometimes my sense of humour is so dark... ... It picks cotton
  8. Why shouldn't you wear cotton in front of a black person? They'll pick on you.
  9. My humour is so black... ... it started picking cotton.
  10. Why did black people pick so much cotton? Because we told them to.
  11. How does a black girl know shes pregnant? When all the cotton is picked off her t**....
  12. Why don't b**... like Tylenol? They have to pick cotton to get to them.
  13. How do you test for pregnancy in Harlem? See if the t**...'s cotton was picked.
  14. How does a black chick know she's pregnant? The cotton from the t**... has been picked.
  15. How do you get a woman to pick cotton?' Set her t**... string on fire.

Comical Cotton Picking Jokes to Spread Joy and Laughter

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Q: How do you know if a girl is pregnant?
A: Shove a t**... and see if all of the cotton is picked.

After being at sea for six months

After being at sea for six months the working man heads to the local cat house. He picks the woman he wants & they go into a room.
As she is getting undressed the man starts stuffing cotton in his nose & ears.
She asks him, "What is all that cotton for?"
He replies, "There is 2 things I can't stand. That is the smell of burning rubber & the sound of a screaming woman."

How does a black woman know she's pregnant?

When she pulls out her t**... the cotton's been picked.

How can if a child is black before it is born?

When she takes the t**... out, all the cotton is already picked off

How does a black women tell she is pregnant?

When she pulls the t**... out and the cotton is already picked.

My crazy uncle from Alabama...

...suggested a bumper sticker:

How do you know a black woman is pregnant?

When she pulls out a t**... and all the cotton had been picked.
I feel bad for saying this but it gave a me good laugh.

Why don't black people make good bullies?

Because the only thing they can pick on is cotton.

How can you tell when a black woman is pregnant?

When she pulls out her t**... all the cotton is picked off.

s**... owners used to get black people to pick cotton...

now they get them to pick Democrats.

What's black and has 8 arms?

I don't know either, but it must be really good at picking up cotton...

When You Ask Your Black Significant Other to Prom

You may be picking cotton in the fields, but now I'm the one picking you.

A man walked into a Walgreens and asked where the tampons were.

Cashier: "Aisle 5."
Minutes later the man returned with a bag of cotton b**... and some string.
Cashier: "I thought you were buying tampons."
Man: "I was, and then I got to thinking about something. The other day I asked my wife to pick me up some cigarettes while she was out, and she came home with a tin of tobacco and some rolling papers. Her reasoning was that it was just SOOO MUCH CHEAPER. So the way I figure it, if I have to roll my own, then so does she."

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