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If England wins to Costa Rica, it could face Spain... the airport.

I like my woman how I like my bananas

2 weeks old and shipped from Costa Rica

This guy walks into a bar

Asks the bartender for a drink then pulls out a small piano and a man about a foot tall. The little man sits at the piano and begins playing a beautiful Beethoven sonata.
Amazed, the bartender asks to find out the story behind this mini musician.
The man tells the bartender that he was on vacation in Costa Rica and after a long night of partying he decided to talk a walk on the beach. While walking, the man trips over something in the sand. He pulls it out and dusts it off. Immediately after dusting, a genie pops out and says you may have 1 wish, anything you'd like.
Before the man could continue, the bartender interrups and says "so you wished for a 12 inch pianist?"

What Does The *Venus De Milo* and *Costa Rica* Have In Common?

They both don't have any armies!

Costa Rica has gone 76 straight days of...

100% renewable memes!

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