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  1. I broke up with my girlfriend because she wanted me to cosplay as Lenin I should've known, there were red flags everywhere.
  2. I think my father is doing a Half-life 3 cosplay. Because I haven't seen him in over 10 years now.
  3. [OC] Grandad was a Flash cosplayer back in his days Cause I have found some of his gray uniforms from the 1940's with thunder signs on it.
  4. What did Arnold Schwarzenegger say when he and his friends decided to cosplay as famous composers? I'll be Bach.
  5. I love showing up to religious conventions cosplaying as a crucified Jesus. I'm a cross dresser.
  6. Articles of Impeachment The selection of clothing a cosplayer uses to dress up like Princess Peach.
  7. Don't call the cops on someone dressed as Captain America. Apparently cosplay isn't considered Stolen Valor.
  8. I went to a meet up for people who cosplay as ghosts the other day. Not sure why they were burning crosses though.
  9. Why don't cosplayers make awesome costumes for their kids for Halloween? Because they are virgins
  10. Why did the guy going to the gaming convention dress as a grasshopper? It was a locust cosplay.

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Cosplay joke, Why did the guy going to the gaming convention dress as a grasshopper?

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  1. What do you call cosplaying as a senior citizen? LAARP
  2. What do you call a furry that sometimes cosplays as star wars characters? Ani-Kin
  3. Two cosplayers break up... When asked why, one said "I don't know who he is anymore!"
  4. Who is the most cosplayed character? Santa Claus
  5. What do you call it when cosine plays? Cos(play)
  6. When looking up Nier: Automata cosplay I ask myself this one question 2B or not 2B
  7. What is Cosplay? Having a drink with Bill Cosby.
  8. What did the sentient dollar cosplaying as Leia's mother say? I Amidala
  9. Mother Teresa Cosplay It's a bad habit of mine
  10. What's the best cosplay for a leg amputee? Legolas
  11. Did you hear about the Hollywood cosplay of famous composers? Arnold was Bach
  12. What do you call a show about drugging people? A cosplay.
  13. - which cosplay suit women the most? - Kit-chan
  14. Russian kid What do you call a Russian kid who cosplays?
    A cosmonaut
  15. What does a drama student do while stuck in math class? She Cos(plays)

Cosplay joke, What does a drama student do while stuck in math class?

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A man is going to comic con

He's just throwing around cosplay ideas with his wife, and then he exclaims, "Oh! I could be the Comedian from Watchmen!"
To which his wife replies, "Babe, you don't need to dress up to be a minuteman.."

Recently, a bunch of people have developed a f**... for letting their romantic partner intentionally spike their drink with roofies.

They call it Cos-play.

What do you call s**... with a woman while she's sleeping?


My friends and I did a Battlestar Galactica cosplay for Comicon, but my costume s**...

I looked like Edward James Almost

Cosplay joke, I went to a meet up for people who cosplay as ghosts the other day.

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