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Best Short Cosine Jokes

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  1. As a child I was obsessed with the difference between cosine and sine As I got older I realized it was just a phase
  2. My teenage son is obsessed with the difference between sine and cosine. But I'm sure it's just a phase.
  3. I used to not be able to tell the difference between sine and cosine But it was just a phase
  4. I got fired from my job as a math teacher I was supposed to teach the kids what sine divided by cosine was, but I kept going off on a tangent.
  5. Sine, cosine and ln(x) are at a party Sine approaches cosine and says, "Hey, what's ln(x) doing over in the corner by himself?". Cosine responds, "You see, ln(x) doesn't integrate very well".
  6. What did the triangle need to do before he could get a loan? He needed somebody to cosine.
  7. Two triangles are having difficulty buying an apartment. It turns out they needed to cosine.
  8. If you have bad credit, a trigonometrist is the best friend to have. He can cosine for you.
  9. Forgive me father, for I have sinned... ...for I have also cosinned, tangented, cotangented...
  10. Friend: Whats wrong? Me: I can't remember how to calculate sine
    Friend: ah
    Me: No that's cosine
    Friend: oh
    Me: Right, thanks!

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Cosine joke, Friend: Whats wrong?

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Cosine One Liners

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  1. Your momma's so fat, she's like the negative cosine of X... They both go down after pi
  2. How do you help a mathematician buy a new car? Cosine
  3. I was so bad at math my bank refused to give me a loan Thank god I had someone to cosine
  4. If Jesus died for our sin... Who died for our cosine and tangent?
  5. What did the car dealer ask the oscilloscope? sin or cosine?
  6. Hey girl , is the cosine of you positive? Cos you're acute angle.
  7. What's a mathematician's favorite book? *A tale of two cosines*
  8. What do you call it when cosine plays? Cos(play)
  9. Why couldn't the mathematician take out a loan? He needed someone to cosin
  10. What math function do parents fear when their student is about to go to college? Cosine.
  11. What is the cosine of b times y equal to? 3-10 Years
  12. Why couldn't the mathematician get an apartment No one else knew how to cosine
  13. Why did sine get on top of cosine? She wanted to be tangent
  14. What did the cosine say as it was waiting? One / secant.
  15. Why cant girls remember what cosine of angle B is? Because CosB comes with roofies

Sine Cosine Jokes

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  • My girlfriend told me I'm like negative cosine multiplied by tangent... My friends told me not to worry about it, but I think it's a negative sine.
  • Why do banks require 2 graphing calculators to take out a loan? One to sine and the other to cosine.
  • For their honeymoon, Mr. Sine and his missus Cosine Went to the beach and got a Tan. When they went back home, it took a Sec to find they needed a Cot.
  • Why does cosine hate sine? cos y not
Cosine joke, Why does cosine hate sine?

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A thief stole a sine and a cosine.

He took the two identities to a beach. However, they were too heavy for him to carry.  He wanted to keep them under the sand, but the beach was so narrow that it could only contain one of them: sine or cosine.
He decided that, using his mathematical skills, that he would stack sine over cosine - but that resulted in tan! He did not want to get tan. So he stacked cosind over sine...
and then he got cot.

My attempt at a s**... math joke

A sine wave and a cosine wave are trying to have a baby. They are deeply religious so the only position they are able to do is m**.... After many attempts they think they might have conceived a child. The cosine wave grabs a pregnancy test, goes into the bathroom, and comes out a couple of minutes later. The sine wave says "well is it negative or positive?" and the cosine wave says "no, it's tangent."

Geeky trigonometry joke my dad used to tell me

What sound does a horse make while walking?
*Clop, clop.*
What sound does a horse make while walking uphill?
*Clop, clop* multiplied by the cosine of the slope angle.

Mr Sine and Miss Cosine go on their honeymoon..

Mr Sine and Miss Cosine get married and head for their honeymoon to a seaside destination. So they're chilling by the beach, and sipping on their drinks, and things get naughty soon. During a l**... session on the beach, Sine whispers into Cosine's ear, "It's a good thing I'm not on top, or we'd both be tanned".

A tangent applied for a credit card, but was denied.

He couldn't find anyone willing to cosine.

I'm trying to buy one of those triangle-shaped cabins, but my credit isn't good enough to get a loan.

I'll have to get someone to cosine.

Mr. Sine and his missus Cosine went for their honeymoon on a beach

Mr. Sine and his missus Cosine went for their honeymoon on a beach and got a Tan.
When they returned it took them a Sec to find that they needed a new Cot.

Why were the Adjacent and Hypotenuse unable to accept a package without each other?

Because they could only.... cosine

A conversation between a forgetful mathematician and a blonde

Mathematician: "Excuse me, I seem to have forgotten the value for the sine function. Do you know what it is?"
Blonde: Ah???
Mathematician: No, not that, that's for cosine.
Blonde: Oh...
Mathematician: That's it! Thank you!

How do you project confidence?

How do you project confidence?
Multiply by the cosine of the angle.

Cosine joke, For their honeymoon, Mr. Sine and his missus Cosine

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