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Best Short Cosby Jokes

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  1. Bill Cosby enters in a bar ... ... i don't know what happens next because I suddenly woke up in a motel's room.
  2. What's the difference between Bill Cosby and a small fencing sword? One's a little rapier...
  3. Want to hear a Cosby joke? Wait ... I told it wrong. I wasn't supposed to ask for consent.
  4. This Election Day will be like a dinner date with Bill Cosby. When you wake up, you just know something bad happened.
  5. What do you call an i**... Italian immigrant? an imPASTA!
  6. Bill Cosby's lawyer fell asleep during testimony... Apparently he and Bill had a lunch date earlier.
  7. What do you call movie night at Bill Cosby's house? Netflix and pill
  8. Why is Bill Cosby like the The wizard of oz? Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby cos, because of the wonderful things he drugs
  9. A lot of comedians these days have a major issue with 'woke' people Bill Cosby, for instance...
  10. What do Sigmund Freud and Bill Cosby have in common? They both explored the unconscious.

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Cosby One Liners

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  1. Cardi B and bill Cosby walk into a bar... I don't remember the rest.
  2. Bill Cosby is going to have a new show Women Say the Darndest Things
  3. My girlfriend started reading Bill Cosby's biography... But it put her to sleep.
  4. How does a girl greet Bill Cosby on their 2nd date? "Nice to meet you"
  5. What do Bill Cosby and Santa Claus have in common? They don't come until you're asleep.
  6. What is Bill Cosby's favorite movie? Sleeping Beauty.
  7. Your momma is so ugly.... Bill Cosby gave her coffee.
  8. Yo Mama is so ugly If Bill Cosby found her unconscious he'd call the paramedics
  9. My Bill Cosby impression isn't that entertaining. It puts everyone to sleep.
  10. What kind of doctor was Dr. Huxtable on the Cosby Show? Anesthesiologist
  11. What does Bill Cosby do when he can't sleep at night? He finishes her drink
  12. What does bill Cosby and Santa have in common? They both only come when you're sleeping
  13. Why does bill Cosby like fliers Because their passed out
  14. How are Bill Cosby and Santa Claus similar They both only come when your sleeping
  15. Whats Bill Cosby's favorite Disney character? Sleeping beauty

Bill Cosby Jokes

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  • How does Bill Cosby greet his date? Good night.
  • What do Winds of Winter, Elder Scrolls 6, and Starfield all have in common? Bill Cosby was released before they were.
  • Apparently, Bill Cosby likes his women the way he likes his Jello Pudding... ...passed out cold.
  • It turns out that Bill Cosby was actually drugging his dates' desserts, not their drinks. The proof is in the pudding.
  • Bill Cosby walks into a bar I forgot what happened next, I woke up in a hotel room with my wallet gone
  • What did the woman say to Bill Cosby on their second date? "Nice to meet you."
  • What happens on the first date with Bill Cosby? I don't remember
  • So Bill Cosby gets off. This time without barbiturates.
  • Bill Cosby University of Michigan is pleased to announce a gift from the Cosby family for the new school to be names in his honor.
    The Sleep Studies Center for women.
  • What does Bill Cosby and a dentist have in common? They knock you out before they drill your cavity.

Bill Cosby Jello Jokes

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  • Jello fired Bill Cosby. They said he was off-pudding.
  • Why did Bill Cosby make his own Jell-O? Because his girlfriend was in a Roofie induced coma.
  • What is Bill Cosby's favourite Jello flavor? Grape
  • What do you call it when you roofy a jello shot? A Bill Cosby.
  • Bill Cosby's drink of choice used on victims... The jello shot.
  • What did Bill Cosby say when he called from jail? Jell-O from the other side!
  • How Do Bill Cosby's Ex-Girlfriends Spell Jell-O? J, E, L, L, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  • Why did Bill Cosby go to Japan with a bag of roofies? He had Jello fever!
  • Did you hear about the Bill Cosby drink? The Cosby.....Its a jello shot with an ambien in it
  • "I like my food like I like my women…" Bill Cosby explaining why he likes Jell-O
Cosby joke, "I like my food like I like my women…"

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Why would Bill Cosby make a great lawyer?

The proof is in the pudding

I heard Bill Cosby made a s**... tape....

Twice as strong as duct tape.

Bill Cosby is like Santa Claus

He comes while you're asleep.

Bill Cosby walks into a bar

The rest is a blur!

Do you remember that time you met Bill Cosby?

Add another one to the list!

A new study has shown that women who get more sleep have better s**....

Unfortunately, the study was conducted by Bill Cosby

He sees you when you're sleeping,he knows when you're awake

A date with Bill Cosby

I asked Bill Cosby if I could dress up as him for Halloween...

He said no, but I'm just going to do it anyway.

What do you get when you see Bill Cosby in double-vision?


Bill Cosby is a lot like Freddy Kruger. They both come in your nightmares.

Bill Cosby was charged with s**... assault

I guess the proof was in the pudding

"I like my women like I like my Stephen Hawkings...

...paralyzed and unable to talk." - Bill Cosby
I'll see myself out.

What kind of car does Bill Cosby drive?

A Honda quaalude. (Credit to my girlfriend)

So Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby and bill nye all walk into a bar...

They all finish their drinks and Nye says to the lady behind the bar I'll cover the tab these two will give you their tips.

What did Bill Cosby say when he was in a bar and he accidentally slipped a pill into one of those drinks you light on fire and then the bartender lit it on fire?

The roof', the roof', the roofies on fire!

I met Cosby once and I remember him being just a wonderful person.

I don't remember much after that.

Bill Cosby likes his women like he likes his town cars...

Blacked out

Bill Cosby was actually gonna be in a Marvel movie

He was gonna play Sandman.

Why do I watch the Cosby show?

I enjoy dark humour.
Yes, this was both a r**... and racial joke.

Your mama is so ugly that when she met Bill Cosby

he made her espresso.

If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.

— Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

Ask your friend "Would you have s**... with Bill Cosby." hopefully your friend says no then you respond with "Too bad you don't have a choice."

Which 3 US bills have to do with s**... harassment of women?

Bill Cosby
Bill O'reilly
Bill Clinton

What would you call a Cosby s**... tape?


I suspected my wife cheated on me at a Bill Cosby's house party last night...

"No, I didn't have s**... with Bill Cosby"
"Are you sure?"
"I'm sure I'd remember having s**... with Bill Cosby!"

Why is Bill Cosby so good at Fantasy drafts?

He always nails the sleepers

Garrison Keillor is twice the entertainer that Bill Cosby is.

Keillor even puts the men to sleep.

Bill Cosby was one of the greatest boxers...

He got 20 ko's and didn't even fight!

s**... with Bill Cosby is like watching Ghost Dad.

You'll fall asleep two minutes in, and won't want to admit it happened for the next 30 years.

What's the difference between Frankenstein and The Cosby Show?

On the Cosby Show, he was both the doctor and the monster.

After his recent conviction for r**..., two schools stripped their honorary PhD's from Bill Cosby...

It's ok though, Michigan State just gave him another one.

Why does Bill Cosby cry during s**...?

Pepper spray.

What do Bill Cosby and a burglar have in common?

They both wait until you're asleep, then come in the b**....

Who is the odd one out between.... Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, Bill Cosby and the tooth fairy?

The Easter bunny, the rest only come when you are sleeping.

Some people are suggesting that Bill Cosby should have his honourary doctorate taken away.

But the man successfully anesthetized over 50 women, countless times. If anything he has done more to earn the title doctor" than ever before.

What cologne does Bill Cosby wear?


Sometimes my girlfriend takes her sleeping pill, passes out and initiates s**....

We call it the reverse Cosby.

If Bill Cosby is America's dad...

Does that make him Canada's creepy uncle?

Bill Cosby may have been convicted, sentenced to prison, and end up bankrupt...

But at least he'll always have a roofie over his head.

What do you call a preponderance of evidence that your drink has been laced?

Probable Cosby.

Bill Cosby and a surgeon have a lot in common

For example, they both want the person that they are inside to be unconscious

I wish Bill Cosby was president

It would really help me sleep at night

I went to meet Bill Cosby and Clark Gable for a drink...

I forget the rest of the story...

Bill Cosby and Cardi B. walk into a bar.

Everyone hides their drinks.

How is Bill Cosby like Santa Claus?

Neither will come unless you're asleep

In the late '80s, NBC's most popular sitcom was the Cosby Show, with ALF not far behind. Knowing what we know now, I guess you could call their weekly ratings battle

Alien vs. Predator.

So Bill Cosby was released from prison, and now I hear he's getting his own television show?

Women Say the Darndest Things.

Bill Cosby walks out of prison...

..and gets on a bus, and rides it to a long rock wall. Next to a big oak, he finds a letter.
He follows it to Mexico, where he finds Jeffrey Epstein working on his boat.

I wrote a Bill Cosby joke

But I never wanted it to get released.

Snow White gets into a hot tub and starts feeling a little happy

Happy gets out and she starts feeling a little grumpy.
Grumpy gets out and Bill Cosby gets in and she starts feeling a little sleepy.

I had a joke about drinking with Bill Cosby last night

But I can't remember what happened.

Top 5 highest Paid Black Actors

1. Terry Crews $800,000,000
2. Bill Cosby $400,000,000
3. Will Smith $350,000,000
4. Robert Downey Jr $300,000,000
5. Denzel Washington $280,000,000

Cosby joke, Top 5 highest Paid Black Actors

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