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  1. sin and cos are lying down next to each other on the beach when all of a sudden sin jumps on top of cos. cos shouts "what are you doing?" sin replies, "im trying to get tan."
  2. Catholics fail trigonometry because they're afraid of sin Irish people fail trigonometry because they can't tan.
    Everyone else fails trigonometry just cos.
  3. Why did the mushroom go to the party? 'Cos he's a fungi!
    Why didn't he get in?
    There wasn't mushroom!
  4. Why was there a Covid-19 outbreak on the Death Star? 'Cos the Stormtroopers missed their shots.
  5. A mathematician tries to go to the beach... A mathematician tried to go to the beach to get a tan, but he couldn't find it cos there were no sines.
  6. Why is Bill Cosby like the The wizard of oz? Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby cos, because of the wonderful things he drugs
  7. I used to date a girl with a lazy eye I broke up with her though, cos I'm pretty sure she was seeing someone on the side.
    Credit to /u/MoreMajorSins for this awesome dad joke!
  8. Did you know the Bible forbids sunbathing in Greece? That means it is a sin to go to Cos and get a tan.
  9. Why Do Mathematicians Never Go To The Beach? Because they got sin and cos to give them a tan.
  10. When I was a kid some guy said he slept with my mom last night. I told him he was a liar, cos I slept with my mom last night. Looking back, I now realize what I said

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Cos One Liners

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  1. Why is 0 = 1? cos 0 = 1
  2. My maths teacher never goes outside I can tell, cos there's no sin of his tan
  3. If Jesus Christ died for our sins... then who died for our cos and tans?
  4. Why is 0 = 1? Cos 0 = 1
  5. Why did I divide sin by tan? Just cos.
  6. Why does 1 equal 0? cos 0 = 1
  7. Mathematical joke - Why did Sin go to the beach? Cos he wanted a Tan
  8. What kind of bees make you sleepy? Cos-bees
  9. Why does 0=1 COS(0)=1
  10. Why is zero equal to one cos 0=1
  11. Did Stephen Hawking have a donor card? . .Cos I really need bits for my kids go-kart
  12. What did Sine and Cos say to each other? Nothing; They just waved.
  13. If Jesus died for our sins... Who died for cos and tan?
  14. What type of EMTs will touch up your makeup on the way to the hospital? Cos-medics
  15. Why are religious people afraid of Trigonometry? Cos they are afraid of Sin

Cos Sin Jokes

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  • Trigonometry Why can't Irish do trigonometry? They can't tan.
    Why can't Christians do trigonometry? They can't sin.
    Why can't the rest of us trigonometry? Just cos.
  • A lot of people think a world without sin would be perfect But there's only so much you can solve with cos and tan
  • Why was sin lying on top of cos at the beach? They were tanning.
  • Why was sin afraid of tan? Just cos.
  • Why was the priest afraid of trigonometry? cos sin
  • I asked my religious friend why he doesn't like math He replied "cos it's a sin"
  • Why can't you tan on a rainy day? Cos it's a sin
  • Hey girl, are you an angle? Cos I'm sinning to know you.
  • What happened when Sin and Cos stayed out in the sun for too long? They both became tanned gents!
  • Is it a sin to make math jokes? Cos if so, tan I'm sorry.

Sin Cos Tan Jokes

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  • Why Don't Mathematicians Go to the Beach? Because all they need are sin and cos to get a tan.
  • My wife left me, Cosmo, after doing some trigonometry. She saw a tan gent and chose sin over Cos'.
  • sin asked "cos" what should they do tonight "tan" or "cot"?
  • Why is it difficult to find Sin and Tan? Just Cos.
  • Why didn't sin and tan go to the party? Just cos
  • I don't understand what the church has against trigonometry. And they only forgive sin but not cos or tan.
  • M∆tπ joke Apparently the longer mathematicians stay in the sun, the more violent they get.
    They sin cos tan.
  • Being a trigonometry teacher has it's pros and cons.... You may live in sin, but that's all cos you get rich, have a nice life and you can even get an awesome tan.
  • Christ died to absolve us of sin... Now if only he'd come back and die two more times to get rid of cos and tan.
  • When a man wants to get a tan he goes under the Sun. When a cos wants to get a tan... ...He goes under the sin.

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A guy phones up his Boss, but gets the bosses' wife instead: "I'm afraid he died last week," she explains.

The next day the man calls again and asks for the boss. "I told you," the wife replies, "he died last week." The day after he calls again and once more asks to speak to his boss. By this time the wife is getting upset and shouts: "I'VE ALREADY TOLD YOU TWICE, MY HUSBAND, YOUR BOSS, DIED LAST WEEK! WHY DO YOU KEEP CALLING?"
"Cos" He replies laughing, "I just love hearing it..."

ANOTHER nun sat outside a bar in Ireland...

Sipping from a bottle of whiskey, and quite inebriated, when the local Gard walks past.
"Sister Mary", he asks "what in God's name are you doing?!"
"Not to worry, sergeant. I'm trying to *hic* cure the Mother Superior's constipation."
"And how is you being in this state going to help the Mother Superior with her constipation exactly?!"
"Cos when she sees me like this", Sister Mary replied, "she'll be shittin a brick!"

A s**... b**... instructor addresses a group of new recruits.

"All right lads pay attention cos I'm only gonna show you this once"

Three pregnant women were knitting tops for their soon-to-be born.

One posh one says "I'm taking vitamin A, as I want my baby to have strong bones and teeth". The other posh one says "I'm taking vitamin C, as I want my baby to have a good constitution and good heart". The chavvy one says "I'm taking Thalidomide cos I can't knit arms".

My wife left me because of my obsession with cowboys

But that's ok cos this town ain't big enough for the both of us.

Tea makes everything great,even m**....

Cos without T,m**... is just meh.

Why don't north Koreans listen to funk?

Cos they've got no Seoul!
Thank you very much.

A policeman pulls over a car...

for speeding. The policeman asks the men at the wheel, "Do you know what I'm stopping you for?" and the man at the wheel responds, "Just cos I'm Russian, eh?"

What is the equation for break up?

y = cos x is irrational

Reddit rules say no jokes involving minors....

That's a shame cos I've got a great one about the coal mine I use to work in.

Why don't boxers have s**... the night before a fight?

Cos they don't fancy each other.

Why did the boy like doing trigonometry?

Just cos.

Shrove Tuesday

"Dad why is my brother called George?"
"Cos he was born on St George's day"
"Dad why is my brother called David?"
"Cos he was born on St David's day"
"Oh for crying out loud, enough with the questions, Pancake."

Why should you not f**... in an Apple Store?

Cos they don't have windows.

Do you know why they called it TikTok?

Cos in just a matter of seconds it steals all your data!

Why are there no Walmarts in Afghanistan?

Cos there is a target on every corner

Why did the mathematician lie adjacent to the hippopotamus?


Flat mate saw me chopping furiously in the kitchen

He said "why are you cutting up rosemary so fast"? I said cos I've run outta thyme

A thief steals trigonometric functions sin and cos.

A thief steals trigonometric functions sin and cos, the police are now after him, he goes to a beach and digs up some mud, he first puts sin over cos but he doesn't want tan so he puts cos over sin and gets cot by police.

Why do math textbooks only ever give you one angle in a triangle?

Just cos.

Pick up line: Girl are you an oreo?

Cos I wanna open you up and lick all the good stuff inside

Why can you never watch a movie with your cat?

Cos they're always stepping on pause.

I was in the car the other day with the Misses when she said to me " im sure the people in the car next to us are welsh" What makes you think that i said.

" well cos the kids in the back are writing "stit ruoy su wohs" on the window.........

Why doesn't santa have any children?

Cos he only comes once a year and that's down the chimney

Hey baby, are you Britain?

Cos you're uncomfortably wet and can't decide if you want to be in or out

Why did pythagoras like math so much?

Just cos

The other night I saw a guy jogging n**... in front of my house

I asked him why he was jogging n**... and he said, Cos you came home early.

Why do you want your lawyer to be a U2 fan?

Cos they're always pro-Bono

Yo momma so poor...[original]

she vote for Obama cos she want change
ahhh thank you ill be here all week

Why does God hate Trig?

Cos it's a Sin

The boss is telling his workers a dumb joke...

...and every worker is laughing except one.
The boss asks that one worker:
"Why are you not laughing?"
"Cos I'm quitting today."

Why should you never, ever increase the frequency of a wave?

Cos it Hertz a wave's feelings

Why should you be wary of Ash Ketchum when you're taking a shower?

Cos he might have a sneaky Pikachu

Why isn't 0=1?

Cos 1≈0.54
Isn't that rad!

Call me an egg

Cos you guys are crackin' me up

lettuce jokes

thought I would make up some jokes about lettuce. Just cos
I thought that joke was as bad as the titanic which hit an iceburg
But clearly you guys thought it was a little gem
Unfortunately no more lettuce jokes Romaine
So I'm gonna leaf

A mathematician spent his whole life trying to triangulate the location of h**....

He finally did cos sin.


My wife and I went to grocery. Of course, we had face mask and goggles to be safe.
When we got there, wow, there are still too many people. Scary !
I decided, and I pulled my wife to go home cos we might even catch Covid there.
But, contradicting me, she wants to let go and doesn't want to go home!
Oh my goodness! I really dragged her back to the car.
In the car, she ignores me and is angry.
When we arrived home, when we remove face mask.
She is not my wife.

s**... is a sin...

But from the other side its cos I said so.

The wrong x died...

... cos mine is still alive.

Hey Girl, are you a newly opened e-mail account?

Cos I wanna spam up you inbox so hard I leave a t**... inside you.

What's a moroccan mathematician's favirote food?

Cos Cos

Hey girl , is the cosine of you positive?

Cos you're acute angle.

Why is the Democrat nominee for President so old?

cos he's been biden his time.

A guy had an eagle. One day it was sick. It puked everywhere and wouldn't stop. Worried, the guy called the vet. Instead of the vet, the cops came and took it away.

Cos it was Ill-eagle.

Why did Neo have to eat his cereal with a fork?

Cos there is no spoon

Why does it feel hot when a midget waves at you?

Cos it's a Microwave

A woman is in line at the grocery store when a very drunk man behind her looks the items in her cart and slurs "you mus' be single...!"

She was set to ignore him when she notices her shopping. There's nothing in her cart that would indicate her relationship status...
Curiosity gets the better of her and she answers him
"I am actually, but, how did you know?"
The drunk straightens up slightly and says "cos you're f**...' ugly...!"

If s**... before marriage is a sin...

is s**... after marriage cos or tan?

I'm diabetic, and I can't eat sweets

It'll cost me an arm and a leg.
(It's ok for me to post this, cos I am actually a diabetic)

My friend asked what the difference between sin 135 and cos 135

I told him, "just change the sine."

Why do Christians hate g**.....?

Cos the last time a dude got nailed..

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