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  1. Call me a racist if you want, but south of the border is a sea of violence, corruption and stupidity I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Thank god I live in Canada
  2. I painted my computer black so it would run faster. Now it doesn't work.
    Then I painted my computer white so it would work.
    Now the whole system is corrupt.
  3. When it comes to corruption in countries Nigeria takes first place and Pakistan comes in second. I have a feeling that pakistan bribed Nigeria to take first place…
  4. Below our Southern border is filled with chaos, violence, and corruption. The government is in shambles and the people are always fighting amongst themselves. Thank god I live in Canada.
  5. What's the difference between Biden and a slow, phony, fake, crooked, corrupt politician? About 4 million votes.
  6. As soon as I plugged in my laptop, all my files became unreadable. I guess power corrupts.
  7. Latest news from the FIFA corruption scandal: Shock announcement from FIFA's Ethics Committee:
    "FIFA has an Ethics Committee"
  8. The Stanley Cup final will feature a morally bankrupt city, that is built on corruption, greed, and deceit... Against Las Vegas.
  9. My english teacher told me that the file I sent her was corrupt, and that she couldn't open it I suggested bribing it
  10. With the bribery and corruption scandal surrounding the World Cup, I want to remind everyone that money can't change someone's mind. But I'm willing to try.

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Corruption joke, With the bribery and corruption scandal surrounding the World Cup, I want to remind everyone that mo

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  1. What's Darth Vader's corrupt brother's name? taxi Vader
  2. I know russia is corrupt.. the proof is in the Putin.
  3. Just met Darth Vader's corrupt brother. Taxi Vader
  4. All of these presidents are so corrupted Except for Abraham Lincoln, he was in a cent.
  5. I just compiled my new app, its named "Politics". It's corrupted.
  6. If i had a dollar for each corrupt politician I would be accused of unjust enrichment
  7. Why is Antarctica the least corrupt continent? Because it has justice
  8. What trading platform that won't let you trade? A corrupted one.
  9. The most corrupt CEOs are those of the pretzel companies They are always so twisted.
  10. What do you call the Mother Superior of a corrupt convent? Nun the Wiser
  11. What do you call a corrupt lawyer? Senator.
  12. Ask not what your country can do for you.. because it's too corrupt to of much help.
  13. What do you call a corrupt politician? Ajit V. Pai
  14. In Russia its called corruption, in USA we don't talk about it.
  15. The memory on my phone is FIFA'ed Sorry.....Corrupt.

Corruption joke, The memory on my phone is FIFA'ed

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A little girl asks her father: "Daddy, what is corruption?"

-- Go bring me a beer and I'll tell you.
-- But mommy said you should stop drinking!
-- Get yourself an ice-cream too while you bring me that beer.
-- Oh, okay!

A young girl asks her father, Daddy what does the word 'corruption' mean?

- Bring me a beer and I'll tell you.
- But mummy says you shouldn't drink!
- Get a nice ice cream as well while you bring me beer.
- Oh, okay!

Sauron tortures a hobbit.

Sauron captured Bilbo Baggins and tried to t**... him to tell where the magic ring was hidden. Soon the hobbit blurted out "I think Gollum has it!"
Then Sauron captured Gollum and tortured him, but the old evil and corrupted hobbit wouldn't talk.
It turns out bad hobbits are hard to break.

After someone pointed it out to her, my mother asked me to explain the difference between the District of Columbia and the country Colombia.

So explained to her that one of them is famous for it's drugs, corruption and blatant criminal activity, while the other historicly lost to England on penalties in this years world cup.

Would you be offended if I said...

Would you be offended if I said that I'm not voting for that white, elitist, pompous, corrupt, egomaniac that's going to ruin our country?

...or would you even know which candidate I'm talking about?

The Washington r**... finally decided to drop their offensive name.

Dan Snyder, owner of the NFL r**..., has announced that the team is dropping "Washington" from the team name, and it will henceforth be simply known as, "The r**...." It was reported that he finds the word "Washington" imparts a negative image of poor leadership, mismanagement, corruption, cheating, lying, and graft, and is not a fitting role-model for young fans of football.

"Y'know with all the civil unrest, political corruption, class divides, drug smuggling, gang wars, police brutality, gun violence, and poor education maybe building a wall to protect us from our southern neighbors isn't such a bad idea"

\- Canada

I was playing grand theft auto 5 when all of a sudden it crashes and an error message pops up

It read unfortunately the game is corrupted and the data will be deleted feeling sad and annoying with my 100s of hours lost I looked up online as to why it happened. I found a guide that said if you restart the game on the same console and go to the nearest garage and talk to the guy who's working on the car it can fix it. I did just that and it restored my old saves!
Thank god for that game mechanic

The Facebook company has changed its name to Meta

This reminds me of the time I was at a function with Mark Zuckerberg.
I Meta morally corrupt, reptile looking a**....

Politican sees the scottish barber

A politician went to his Scottish barber and asked, "Cut the word 'yes' into my haircut in back so when I sleep they'll know my vote.".
A week later he comes back and asks, "What did you do? My wife stopped cheating, and I've now got a reputation for looking out for corruption."
Barber says, "Well ye do have an 'aye' in the back of yer head."


At the height of a political corruption trial, the prosecuting attorney attacked a witness. Isn't it true, he bellowed, that you accepted five thousand dollars to compromise this case?
The witness stared out the window, as though he hadn't hear the question.
The prosecutor again blared, Isn't it true that you accepted five thousand dollars to compromise this case?
The witness still did not respond.
Finally, the judge leaned over and said, Sir, please answer the question.
Oh, the startled witness said, I thought he was talking to you.

Call me racist if you want, but I think everything south of the border is a sea of corruption, idiocy, degradation and violence that I wouldn't touch with a bargepole.

That's why I'm thankful I live in Scotland.

A KGB agent meets a friend

"How are you doing?" the KGB agent asks
"I'm fine, I'm working as a teacher. How about you?"
"I'm a KGB agent"
"Oh, what is it that you do?"
"I arrest those who are dissatisfied with the current regime"
"There are those that are satisfied with the current regime?" the friend asks in shock
"Yeah, but they are the responsibility of the anti-corruption department"

Corruption joke, The Stanley Cup final will feature a morally bankrupt city, that is built on corruption, greed, and

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