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The Best Corridor Puns

Two Polish guys were taking their first train trip to Warsaw on the train.

A vendor came down the corridor selling bananas which they'd never seen before. Each bought one. The first one eagerly peeled the banana and bit into it just as the train went into a tunnel. 

When the train emerged from the tunnel, he looked across to his friend and said, "I wouldn't eat that if I were you."

"Why not?" "I took one bite and went blind for half a minute !!"

Got trapped in a bidding war for a house with a lengthy corridor

I'm in it for the long hall

Why is there a solid traffic line painted down the middle of the corridor of the government office building?

So the people coming in late don't run into into the people going home early.

Doctor's Discussion

Two surgeons are conferring in the hospital corridor outside a patient's room...

"We found a large lump in his wallet but I think we got it all."

A doctor is walking in the corridor of the hospital when he hears a high pitched scream



Up until two years ago I still had a friend called Nataly, but everybody called her "Nut" for some reason, was it her auburn hair or the similarity with her name, I still don't know. Our friendship ended the day when the class teacher asked us, who's bag is it on the corridor. My fateful answer was "Well, it looks like Nut's sack"

If I knew a kid named Roy that wore corduroys back in junior high school, we'd still be calling him corridor Roy to this day.

What's black and white and can't turn around in a corridor?

A nun with a javelin in her throat.

(The only joke I can ever recall when asked for one. Told to me by my art teacher in Grade 11. Needless to say, he was my favourite teacher)

I'm stuck at an auction, bidding for a house with a lengthy corridor.

I'm in it for the long hall.

The school principal is walking along the corridor

and sees a ten-year-old strolling in the opposite direction, smoking a cigarette and drinking beer from a bottle.

The principal is outraged and cries out:

— What's going on here? Why aren't you at class? And how dare you smoke and drink alcohol at school? What class are you from?

The kid calmly blows smoke into the principal's face and says:

— Bourgeoisie.

What do corridors, snakes, and resistors have in common?


Monty Hall, Monty Python, Monty Oum.

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