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This article takes a humorous look at the difference between correlation and causation. It explores the relationship between statistical correlation and sociology, and the various correlations that can be made when looking at a variety of topics. The jokes in this article will make even a non-statistician chuckle!

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  1. A man named Eric Cole... ... discovered that there was a direct correlation between the amount of mayonnaise on his cabbage salad and how good it tastes.
    He's calling this correlation Cole's Law.
  2. My ex told me we broke up because I'm too reliant on logic and refuse to acknowledge my emotions. I told her, correlation is not causation.
  3. Why isn't every man in a red suit with a beard Santa? Because correlation doesn't imply Claus-ality.
  4. Correlation and causation are used together often, so that must mean that the word "correlation" must cause people to use the word "causation"
  5. I just realised something really coincidental. Units of time can correlate to words of inferiority. For example,
    * second = second (second place)
    * week = weak
    * fortnight = Fortnite
  6. Is there a correlation between the size of a nose and the sense of smell? Because I read somewhere that back in World War II people with big noses smelled gas much more often.
  7. I've been searching for college courses about correlation studies. Except I cannot find the best fit.
  8. I used the think that correlation implied causation, but now I know that it doesn't. I took a statistics class last year, and that might have helped, but I'm not so sure.
  9. Causation vs. Correlation Me: I used to think correlation implied causation
    Me: But then I took a statistics class and now I don't
    Friend: Sounds like the class helped!
    Me: Well, maybe
  10. TIL in a recent study interviewing the children of anti vax parents there was a correlation in what they wanted to be when they grew up. Alive.

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  1. What do you get when you cross Carl Grimes with a tub of chocolate pudding? Correlated
  2. People keep confusing correlation and causation

Correlation joke, People keep confusing correlation and causation

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Johnny's parents hired a tutor to help him with statistics

after his first session with the tutor, his parents asked him how it went.
johnny said "well, today i learned that correlation is not equal to causation"
johnny's mother was pleased: "so hiring this tutor is really helping you understand statistics!?"
johnny responded "well, not necessarily."

An objective analysis of the correlation between genetics and obesity.

A doctor is telling an obese woman that she needs to start losing weight.
The woman, offended, replies defensively, "It's not my fault! Obesity runs in my family!"
The doctor looks her up and down, and finally says, "*Nobody* runs in your family."

A New Scientific Study on Vaccines

A new scientific study came out recently proving a correlation between vaccines and adults with autism.
The reason given to this correlation was the children without vaccines died before becoming adults

A student is going through some hypotheticals about snakes to their biology teacher

student:"What if it bites me and it dies?"
Teacher:"that means you're poisonous."
Student:"What if it bites itself and I die?"
Teacher:"It's voodoo."
Student:"What if it bites me and someone else dies?"
Teacher:"That's correlation, not causation."
Student:"what if we bite each other and neither of us die?"
Teacher:"that's k**...."

Scientists have established a direct correlation between increased m**... usage among husbands and the price of eggs.

They're both getting higher because not enough are getting laid

TIL that a controversial study found strong positive correlation between intelligence and physical traits including g**... size in men

You thought this was a different sub didn't you

Haircut/s**... Correlation Jesus Joke

I got that I looked like Jesus a lot when I had longer hair. It's a shame because I got a haircut and have been getting nailed less than the messiah lately.

o**... donation study reaches same conclusions as earlier study on GMO's

Studies have shown a strong correlation between the s**... identity of patients and whether they're able to accept various different donor organs. In particular, the bodies of aggressively heterosexual patients tend to reject donor organs.
As with studies earlier this year on genetically modified crops, researchers concluded from this data that straight men don't like trans plants.

Correlation joke, o**... donation study reaches same conclusions as earlier study on GMO's

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