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Johnny's parents hired a tutor to help him with statistics

after his first session with the tutor, his parents asked him how it went.
johnny said "well, today i learned that correlation is not equal to causation"
johnny's mother was pleased: "so hiring this tutor is really helping you understand statistics!?"
johnny responded "well, not necessarily."

My ex told me we broke up because I'm too reliant on logic and refuse to acknowledge my emotions.

I told her, correlation is not causation.

A student is going through some hypotheticals about snakes to their biology teacher

student:"What if it bites me and it dies?"
Teacher:"that means you're poisonous."
Student:"What if it bites itself and I die?"
Teacher:"It's voodoo."
Student:"What if it bites me and someone else dies?"
Teacher:"That's correlation, not causation."
Student:"what if we bite each other and neither of us die?"
Teacher:"that's k**...."

Correlation and causation are used together often, so that must mean that the word "correlation" must cause people to use the word "causation"

I used the think that correlation implied causation, but now I know that it doesn't.

I took a statistics class last year, and that might have helped, but I'm not so sure.

Causation vs. Correlation

Me: I used to think correlation implied causation
Me: But then I took a statistics class and now I don't
Friend: Sounds like the class helped!
Me: Well, maybe

People keep confusing correlation and causation

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