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Canadian money

The Royal Canadian Mint has just announced they are going to remove the polar bear from the "Toonie" (two dollars) in view of its demise soon with global warming.

In the height of political correctness they will replace it with two gay deer. Instead of calling it a "toonie," it will now be called "two fucking bucks"


I hate all the political correctness these days, I can't even say "black paint" anymore.

Now I have to say "Tyrone please paint the fence."


Political correctness gone mad.

I can't even refer to my own child as my disabled son.

Apparently it's my "daughter."


Political Correctness has gone mad...

You can't even say "Black paint" anymore, you have to say "Jamal would you please kindly help me paint my fence."


English Weather

I just read something about weather in England:

The Archbishop of Canterbury and The Royal Commission for Political Correctness announced today that the climate in the UK should no longer be referred to as _'English Weather'._

In order to no longer offend a sizable portion of the UK population, it will now be referred to as _'Muslim Weather'_ -- partly Sunni, but mostly Shi'ite.


Black paint

Political correctness has gone to far these days. You cant even say black paint any more, you have to say "Tyrone, please will you paint my house?"


Political correctness has reached the level of absurdity

For example, we can't say brown paint. Instead we should say "please paint that wall, Jose"


Political correctness has gotten so restrictive these days. Now I can't even say, "Black paint."

I have to say, "Please paint that wall, Tyrone."


Political Correctness is out of hand

You can't even say "black paint" anymore,
You have to say "Tyrone, please paint my fence."


I won first place in a political correctness competition the weekend...

Though to be fair, so did everyone else.


I hate political correctness. You can't even say "black paint" anymore.

Instead you have to say "Leroy, would you please paint the fence?"


Because of Politcal Correctness you can no longer say "Black paint".

You have to say "Jamal, will you please paint the fence?"


In the political correctness of 2017, is it still ok to call my wife the "ol ball and chain"?

Or is that rude to the ball and chain?


Political correctness has gone way too far. You can't even say black paint anymore.

You have to say, "Hey Leroy, please paint this fence for me."


Steve Jobs and Trump had one thing in common, both hated the PC culture

Political correctness and pancreatic cancer.


A little boy asked his mother one day...

"Mother, is god a man or a woman?"

Mother thought about it, all the debates and political correctness and works... And replied

The boy went away in deep thoughts for a while and came back.
"Mother, is god black or white?"

She thought of the history and racial politics and stuff and replied

The boy again in deep thoughts went away for a while and came back.
"Mother, is god gay or straight?"

She thought of that aspect and replied

The little boy jumped with joy and exclaimed
"I got it! I got it! It's Michael Jackson!"

Note - It's not my joke, only sharing.


PC problem

Political correctness has become so oppressive. I can't even say "Black paint" anymore, I have to say "Jamal would you please paint that fence?"


I hate all the political correctness in recent years

I can't even say "black paint" anymore, I have to say "hey Jamal would you please go paint that fence over there?"


I remember when Squeeze Theorem used to be called The Sandwich Theorem.

Damn Political Correctness


I'm sick of people saying, "Its political correctness gone mad!"

That's offensive. You should say "Its political correctness gone mentally ill".


The new iPhones are at the climax of political correctness

It's not XL, it's XS Max.


Did you hear about the COW that got a promotion?

She was out standing in her field.


Political Incorrectness

It's Political Correctness gone mad


Political correctness walks into a bar.

Political correctness walks into a bar and says fuck this bar is too high and lowers it to the lowest common denominator.


I hate political correctness nowadays...

I can't even say "Black paint."

I have to say "Tyrone, could you please paint the walls for me."


Political Correctness

I know political correctness is a huge thing nowadays, but is it ok to say the word "Retarred" if I'm having my driveway paved over again?


Due to Political correctness Dick Van Dyke is having to change his name

He'll now been known as Penis Truck Lesbian


Did you hear Seinfeld on political correctness?

He really went on the offensive about it.


Political correctness...

Is for faggots.


It's safe to say political correctness has gone mad.


Political correctness is just respecting people.

Sorry, I meant "people of respect."


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