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Told an inmate to have a safe drive home.

I'm a corrections officer, getting ready to head out at shift change:

Inmate: "drive home safe"
Me: "yeah you too..."
Me: (thinking "oops, ouch")
Coworker: "Muahahaha"
Inmate: (hops into his imaginary car and shuffles to his cell making farting engine noises, screeches the brakes, steps out of his car and into his cell. Pokes his head out) "Made it home safe dad"
Me and my coworker burst out laughing

how many corrections officers does it take to throw an inmate down the stairs?

none he fell

What do you call a practitioner who only makes minor corrections to your teeth?

A pedentist

Where do auditors go to do their time?

The house of corrections.

Investments are like women

You think you have them all thought out, but then the corrections hit

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