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What's the correct way to pronounce nihilism?

Doesn't matter.

I don't think it's correct to call them grammar Nazis anymore...

They seem to prefer the label "alt-write" nowadays.

how many corrections officers does it take to throw an inmate down the stairs?

none he fell

Correc joke, how many corrections officers does it take to throw an inmate down the stairs?

Who corrects Santa's grammar?

A subordinate Clause.

If anyone knows how to correct cosmetic surgery that's gone horribly wrong?

I'm all ears.

What's the correct term for an americano without cream or sugar?

an African Americano

The correct term for Islamic people is Mufats.

Only after Ramadan can they be referred to as Muslims.

Correc joke, The correct term for Islamic people is Mufats.

What's the correct instrument for measuring how fat your mom is?

A size-mom-meter

What's the correct Japanese salutation for a cheesy person?


Him: "Why do you always have to correct everything I say? What are you, trying to earn your Pedantry Badge in Boy Scouts or something?"

Me: "It's actually a pin, not a badge..."

Correct me if I'm wrong

Said the man with the orthopaedic shoe

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Corrected: What do you call India's top TV Show?

Dan Singh with the Sitars

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