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Chris Cornell dies and goes to heaven

At the gate, St. Peter says, "because your beautiful voice and amazing talent brought happiness to so many people, we'll grant you one wish".

Chris thought about it for a moment and replied, "I'd like the world to be a kinder, better place".

So St. Peter killed Roger Ailes.

Chris Cornell dies and goes to heaven…

St. Peter: It is probably a bit disorienting, but there are a lot of people here you will want to meet.

Chris: Like who?

St. Peter: Well, right over there are Janis, Jimi, Kurt, Prince, and David Bowie for starters.

Chris: Oh no, is that Bono over there with them? I didn't know that Bono was dead.

St. Peter: No, no, that's not Bono, that's god, he just thinks he's Bono.

Chris Cornell died...

Well Chris, say hello to heaven for me.

Andy Cornell called, they said you suck!

And you're gayer than Oscar.

Boom, Roasted.

Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell had so much in common. They were both musicians, both died the same way,

And rumor has it, they were both very well hung.

I just watched Black Hole Sun at 4 in the morning

And now I have fears of strange happy people and epileptic seizures. Thank you Chris Cornell.

I was going to tell a joke about Chris Cornell

But I'm still pretty hung up about it.

What made the frontman for Soundgarden such a pioneer?

A Cornell man who wanted to kill himself used to have to find a bridge.

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