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  1. Why are eye jokes worse than toe jokes? Because toe jokes may be cheesy, but eye jokes are cornea.
  2. I keep trying to make funny eye puns... But my friends say they keep getting cornea and cornea.
  3. I kept trying to think of puns about the eye during my biology lesson, when we dissected one. To be honest, they kept getting cornea and cornea....
  4. I had botched eye surgery recently and now I can't stop making puns... My jokes are cornea than ever

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Cornea Eye One Liners

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  1. Jokes about the human body are generally corny… Jokes about eyes though are even cornea.
  2. Puns about your bones are generally humerus. But puns about the eyes are even cornea.
  3. I have some bad eye puns. But my friend's are cornea.
  4. Doctor told me I have viral eye infection... Must be the cornea virus
  5. I love jokes about eyes. The cornea the better. Bad puns are how eye roll.
  6. Everyone tells me nose jokes stink... but I think eye jokes are cornea
  7. So you think dad jokes are corny? Well, eye jokes are cornea!
  8. Today I told an eye joke, Apparently nobody had ever heard a cornea joke before
  9. My optometrist likes to make eye puns they keep getting cornea and cornea
  10. Nose jokes stink But eye jokes are cornea
  11. As far as ocular wordplay goes... *Eye* can't think of a *cornea*-r pun than this!
  12. Jokes about eyes... ...are getting cornea and cornea

Cornea Eye Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

What funny jokes about cornea eye you can tell and make people laugh? One example I can give are clean pink eye jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help make cornea eye prank.

A man walks into an eye doctor…..

……..he says hello to the doctor, and the doctor says the same. The doctor asks the man if he'd like to hear a joke. The man says yes. Why does the phone wears glasses? The doctor asked. The man shakes his head in confusion. The doctor continues, because he doesn't have any contacts . The man frustratedly said could you not have thought of a cornea joke?

An eye-rolling joke

Dad: You know who all I saw today?
Daughter: Who?
Dad: Everybody I looked at
Daughter: Huh?!
Dad: You don't like my vision joke? Too bad, that's how eye-roll ** rolls eyes **

Daughter: I'm not laughing at your eye rolling jokes again
Dad: Why? Is it too "cornea" for you? XD
Daughter: I give up, lol.
Dad: I'm still the master, you're still the "pupil" XD

The other day I went to get my eyes tested.

I am quite an anxious person and thought I would try to crack a joke to break the awkward silence.
'Would you like to hear a joke?' I asked
The optometrist replied 'Sure! The cornea the better.'

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