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  1. A cob of corn finishes his service in the army and retires as a Colonel in good standing among his field
  2. A man walks into his orchestra rehearsal... carrying some corn on the cob as his instrument.
    The conductor asks him Will you need any sheet music?
    The man replies, Nah, I'll play it by ear.
  3. What is the difference between corn on the cob and corn off the cob? Now that I have your ear- there is no punchline. This has all just been a corny set up.
  4. What did John Fogerty say when he once again became trapped under Mexican corn on the cob? Oh Lord, stuck in elote again
  5. What do you call a corn cob on a track team? A maize runner.
    Credit goes to my girlfriend.
  6. That's some crazy news about corn on the cob... Oh, I'm surprised you didn't **ear** about it!

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Corn On The Cob One Liners

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  1. What happens if you castrate a corn cob? It becomes a eunuchcorn.
  2. What did the pirate charge for a corn on the cob? A buck an ear
  3. What do they call the corn-police? Cobs
  4. What did the corn say to the turkey? Cob-ble, cob-ble, cob-ble
  5. Why did the corn get fired? He was drinking on the cob.
    Sorry for the corny joke.
  6. How does Perry the pea pod greet his mate Kevin the corn kernel? Morn'in cob.
  7. What do you call a promiscuous corn cob? An easy shuck.
  8. Did you hear about the drive-by where they threw corn cobs at people? It was a maize-ing!
  9. What do you call h**... on a scarecrow? A corn on the cob

Corn On The Cob Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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A senior nun walks in on an novice...

... who was vigourously m**... with a cob of corn.
The Mother Superior says: "That's disgusting! I was going to eat that, and you know I hate the taste of corn!"

Two corn cobs are fighting in the street

One corn cob stops the fight and says to the other:
"Hey c'mon, friend, why are we even fighting? Let's **taco** 'bout it!"
The other cob pulls a knife and stabs him. As he slowly twists the knife he leans and utters:
"I'm nacho friend."

I'm convinced my dad does the ultimate dad joke

Whenever we are at a restaurant and my dad ends up with baby corn on his plate he waits for the waiter to come back and he takes the baby corn and eats it as it were a corn on the cob and asks, "Is this how you're suppose to eat it?" Usually this happens at some sort of Asian restaurant and the Asian waiter is very confused and awkwardly smiles. The rest of my family always fear there will be baby corn on his plate when we go out but once the plate comes, we know theres no stopping it.


Three guys are walking in the desert. They haven't had anything to drink for almost 3 days. They come across an old shack and knock on the door. An old, fat, hairy, repulsive woman opens the door. They ask for a drink and she says only if you f*c**... me. The first guy says "screw that!" And storms off. The 2nd guy notices a plate of corn on the cob laying on the table. He says only if you keep your eyes closed. So he then proceeds to f*c**... her with the corn until she says stop. The 3rd person does the same. They both throw the corn out the window and they get their water. They go outside and see the 1st guy. They tell him to go inside and get the water. But before they could finish the story he says "screw that! I want more of that butterd corn!"

Three guys survive a plane c**... in the desert. They wander for days, starving and thirsty. They finally come across a lone house and knock on the door, desperate for help. A crusty old lady answers, and says she'd be happy to help if one of them will agree to satisfy her s**... first. After a quick discussion, one of the guys decides to take one for the team. He walks in to her bedroom while the other two wait outside the house. He tells her to close her eyes and open her legs. He quickly runs to the kitchen and grabs the first p**...-shaped thing he can find, an ear of corn. He shoves it in her, and throws it out the window. Grabs another, rams it in and throws it out the window. She is finally satisfied and agrees to cook for them. He goes outside to get his friends, and they exclaim, "We're actually not hungry anymore. We just ate some delicious, buttery corn on the cob!"

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