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i caught my son chewing on electrical cords.

so i had to ground him. he's doing better currently, and now conducting himself properly.

Scientists have accidentally created immortal frogs

While running experiments, they decided to cut some of the frogs vocal cords.
Ever since then, the frogs just wont croak

Did you hear about the guy whose vocal cords were damaged in an accident, so they had to do a transplant from a puppy?

He's doing okay but his voice is a little husky now.

Scientists have successfully grown human vocal cords in the lab

The results speak for themselves.

Epitaph for a house cat: "She died as she lived..."

"...chewing on power cords."

Was feeling pretty down in the dumps earlier and tried hanging myself with bungee cords

Kept almost dying

I've had a tonsillectomy last week but the doctor accidentaly removed my vocal cords.

I can't say how angry I am.

What do YOU call a dog with NO vocal cords?!?

A hushky!!!

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