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  1. My ten-year-old daughter came up with this at dinner tonight: What do you get if put a copy of Macbeth on top of a dictionary? A play on words.
  2. I feel like, in mythology, Neptune is just a copy of Poseidon Like whoever created neptune literally read what Poseidon's main powers were and was like Ctrl C
  3. Just saw on the news that Apple is suing Samsung: They claim that the Galaxy S3 has copied concepts used on the iPhone 6.
  4. I asked a girl to come back to my place and as she was looking through my books... She asked, "How come you've got so many copies of 'War and peace'?"
    I replied, "It's a long story..."
  5. I hate it when people outright copy and paste somebody's joke on twitter and post it on a different social media platform. Retweet if you agree.
  6. I met a Muslim man who said he had the Qur'an on DVD. The trouble started when I asked him to burn a copy for me.
  7. To the person that stole my copy of Microsoft Office, I will find you and kill you. You have my Word.
  8. So I got caught copying my friends test in class... I think the teacher heard my Xerox machine.
  9. I recently bought a copy of Monty Python's Big Red Book, but was later dismayed to find that I'd purchased the Spanish language version... Nobody expects the Spanish text edition.
  10. I ran into Rick Astley today. He borrowed my copy of Disney's "Up", but I doubt I'll ever see it again.

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Copy joke, I ran into Rick Astley today.

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  1. To whoever stole my copy of Microsoft Office: I will find you.. You have my Word.
  2. Who ever stole my copy of Microsoft Office is in trouble. You have my Word.
  3. I haven't sold a single copy of my autobiography. That's the story of my life.
  4. What do you have when you have 16 copies of the wizard of oz? The Wizard of Lb.
  5. "Plagiarism squad reporting for duty sir!" "Copy that"
  6. Someone stole my copy of Microsoft office.. I will track you down, you have my word.
  7. Found my old copy of Picture of Dorian Gray in the attic It has not aged well.
  8. I used to copy Mitch Hedberg jokes. I still do, but I used to, too.
  9. What do you call it when you create a copy of your enemy's toe? Foe toe Synthesis
  10. Coronavirus has been copying the Black Death Plaguearism
  11. How does Smaug copy files to a USB stick? Dragon drop
  12. If I find out who stole my copy of MS office, I'll kill you... You have my Word!
  13. I asked a friend if I could copy his calculus homework He told me to know my limits
  14. "Good artists copy. Great artists steal." \- Me
  15. Why Do Most Diamonds Look So Similar? They're all just carbon copies of each other.

Copy Pasted Jokes

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  • Teach a man a joke, he'll tell it too everyone, But teach a man to copy & paste, he'll tell everyone's jokes.
  • When you're addicted to keyboard shortcuts It might start off with just copying and pasting, but once you get into underlining it really starts to control you.
  • A copy editor walks into a bar and orders a beer. "I'm giving up the past tense for Lend," he tells the bartender.
  • How do you clone a tomato? Copy and paste
  • They said the real joke is in the comments. Copy this and paste it in the comments then.
  • V V V VVVVVV why isn't copy and paste working
  • How many people does it take to copy and paste something wrong? Yes.
  • My computer is so slow . . . . . . I get a progress bar when I copy and paste . . . text.
  • Chuck Norris can paste something before he copies it.
  • Chuck Norris can copy and paste on a typewriter.

Copy Paste Jokes

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  • V Huh...copy-paste worked just fine for me.

Copy Cat Jokes

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  • what do you call a cat that copies off others' exam papers? a cheetah
  • My neighbor found out I decided to clone my tabby, just like he did recently... He called me a copy-cat.
  • Police investigating the feline corpse discovered in a Zerox machine..... have said this may be a copy cat killing
  • new kitten So I decided to teach my kitten to write. You might think it was pretty hard but he took to it easily. Before long he could do anything I could do.. Turns out he was a copy cat :)
  • What do you call a cat that torrents movies? A copy cat.
  • When a free app wants me to purchase DLC I become a copy cat App: Buy Now!
    Me: Bye Now!
  • I reported to the police about a feline being jammed in a Xerox machine Police think it was a copy cat crime
  • What do you call a cat that works at a printing shop? A copy cat :)

Copy Editing Jokes

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  • These new editions of dictionaries are frustrating Picked up a new copy and flipped through it to find a word I knew disappeared.
    The next thing I found was disappointing
  • Copy-editing is a very stressful line of work for women. Every time they miss a period, they get really nervous.
Copy joke, Copy-editing is a very stressful line of work for women.

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What's the difference between a pun and a copy of Cliff's Notes?

A pun is a play on words, while Cliff's notes are a word on plays

The new father

A proud new father sits down with his dad to have a drink.
"Well son, now that you have a son of your own its time I gave you something."
"Dad you dont mea-"
"Yes I do. You've earned it." Says the father as he passes a copy of '1001 Dad Jokes 5th Edition' to the son.
"Dad I dont know what to say...I'm honored."
"Hi honored," Replies the father. "I'm dad."

An Indian guy is getting a job at a call center for copy machine support

The interviewer decides to test his knowledge of mixing light vs. Mixing pigments by asking him to use green, pink, and yellow in the same sentence about his job.
He says "When the phone goes 'green green', I pink it up and say 'Yellow?'"

Is anyone else having problems with their spellchecker?

Mine keeps correcting into weird things. Like changing "my" into "me", "money" into "gold pieces" and the letter x into "here be treasure". It's a pirate copy.

No cream and nothingness

I was sitting in a small café around the corner this morning, reading a copy of Jean-Paul Sartre's Being and Nothingness, when the waitress came up to take my order.
"I'll have a coffee with no cream," I said.
"I'm sorry, sir," she said. "We're all out of cream. Can I give it to you with no milk instead?"

A new monk arrives at the monastery.....

and is assigned to help the other monks in copying the old texts by hand. He notices, however, that instead of copying the original books , they are copying the copies.
So, the new monk goes to the head monk to ask him about this. He points out that if there was an error in the first copy, that error would be continued in all of the other copies. The head monk says, "We have been copying from the copies for centuries, but you make a good point, my son."
So, he goes down into the cellar with one of the copies to check it against the original. Hours later, nobody has seen him. So, one of the monks goes downstairs to look for him. He hears sobbing coming from the back of the cellar and finds the old monk leaning over one of the original books sobbing. He asks what's wrong.
"The word is celebrate. " says the old monk with tears in his eyes.

My dad always grabbed a copy of O, The Oprah Magazine, when we were in the checkout line...

He'd hold it up, and in an excited, but serious voice, he'd say "This has to be some sort of record! She made the cover *AGAIN!*

Found a copy of "Dr. No" in German, and it only set me back nein euro.

I refuse to watch the movie POMPEII...

Until I can find a copy of the original POMPE... I hate watching sequels first.

When you become a dad

A proud new dad sits down to have a drink with his father "Well son, now that you've got kids of your own, I think it's time I give you this"
"Dad you don't mean..."
"Yes son, I do" Dad pulls out a copy of 1001 dad jokes, 5th edition "Dad I'm honoured...", he says, tears sparkling in his eyes. "Hi honoured", replies his father, "I'm dad".

My friend has the Koran on DVD…

I asked him if he could burn me a copy.

News Joke

So today I was at work (on the checkouts at a supermarket) and somebody comes along saying: "only a news-paper for me today" as she slaps down a copy of the Sun. I reply, "so where's your news-paper then?"

I got a bootleg copy of "Alien vs Predator"

It was just some Mexican guy fighting a priest!

I downloaded the Qur'an the other day.... if you like i'll burn you a copy :D

She claimed to be a copy editor

but she had no proof.

Jimmy, your composition "My Dog" is the same as your brother's. Did you copy his?

No, sir. It's the same dog.

What do you get when you cryogenically freeze a genetic copy of basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar?

An ice Kareem clone

Why did Rick Astley get fired from his job at the video store?

Because he refused to rent someone a copy of the Pixar flick "Up".

Me and my girlfriend bought a copy of the Kama Sutra to spice up our love life...

... I just can't seem to fit it inside her. Shouldn't have gotten the hardcover version I guess.

I wanted to reserve a copy of a new novel coming out

But they were all booked

Good artists copy, great artists steal

I wrote that.

I still occasionally fap over my ex

Made a copy of the key to her place when we were together, and she's a heavy sleeper

People tell me that you shouldn't buy bootleg products because the quality isn't very good...

I disagree. I recently purchased a copy of the black keys newest album from a guy on the street. The quality of their #1 hit "Pyrite on the Ceiling" was superb.

A little boy asks his dad

Boy: whats between moms legs?
father: paradise
Boy: whats between your legs?
Father: the key to the paradise
Boy: piece of advice dad, change the lock, the neighbor has a copy.
Dad: ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

What did the e**... novel author get from his editor?

Sticky notes.
What did he get from his publisher?
A hard copy.

What did Melania Trump have on her Black Friday shopping list?

A copy of everything Michelle Obama had on her list

What letter do pirate's hate the most?

Dear Charter Internet Customer:

Charter Communications ("Charter") has been notified by a copyright owner, or its authorized agent, that your Internet account may have been involved in the exchange of unauthorized copies of copyrighted material (e.g., music, movies, or software). We are attaching a copy of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice that Charter received from the copyright holder which includes the specific allegation.

I bought a copy of the Kama Sutra to spice things up in the bedroom with my girlfriend...

...unfortunately, it wouldn't fit inside her.

I found a copy of Mission Impossible 3 among my blu-rays the other day...

I thought to myself: 'It's not really impossible if he's already done it twice."

I was buying a map of an expensive brand.

When I was looking at the Middle East, I noticed that the countries were improperly named. I thought, maybe its a cheap copy of the brand and not actually from that brand?
So I went up to the shopkeeper, pointed at the improperly named countries in the middle east, and said "Is this fake?"
The shopkeeper replied by saying "No, no, Israel."

I've just downloaded a copy of the Bible from the internet…

When I'd finished, it said, "Saved."

Why is a pirated copy of a Sigourney Weaver film Donald Trump's least favourite movie?

It's an i**... Alien.

I ran across an old copy of the Amputee's Song Book the other day.

It includes such classics as If you're happy and you know it……s**...!

My son wanted me to buy him GTA

When I got to the store, I couldn't remember the title. So I told the guy "it's the game where the black guy drives cars round drunk, and shags loads of women"
He gave me a copy of tiger woods PGA golf

So, there are two men.

They know each other for years now. Frank, a brain surgeon from new york and Ahmad a former r**... from syria.
Both men want to build an house and decide to build their houses in the very same street, next to each other. They even ask the architect to just copy the first house!
And when the houses are built Ahmad says to Frank: "My house is worth more than yours."
"How can that be? We both live next to each other!"
"Our houses were built identically, with the same materials."
"So how can it be, Ahmad?"
"Very simple: I live next to a brain surgeon and you live next to a r**...!"

The most well known person in the world

Some Spanish guy named "Manual"... A copy of his autobiography, printed in multiple languages, comes free with every electronic device or machinery... although much of his life story is lost in translation.

A door to door salesman knocked on a door and a woman answered.

Salesman - Hello. Would you like to buy a book titled '500 Excuses to Tell Your Wife After Staying Out Late'?
Woman - Why on earth would I buy a book like that?
Salesman - Because I sold a copy to your husband earlier today.

A guy walks into a Muslim bookstore wearing a Make America Great Again hat...

As he was wandering around taking a look, the clerk asked if he could help the man find anything.
Do you have a copy of Donald Trump's book on his U.S. immigration policy regarding Muslims and i**... aliens?
The clerk said, Kiss my a**...… get out… and stay out!
The man said, Yes, that's the one.  Do you have it in paperback?

To teach kids about democracy, I let them vote on dinner: pizza or tacos .

They picked pizza.
So I made steamed broccoli because that's what we get after we are done voting.

To the coworker that stole my copy of Microsoft Office...

I will find you. I will get it back.
You have my Word.

What do you call ad copy written by a communist?


My dad told me never to listen to rumours.

Consequently my copy of Tusk is completely shagged out.

A Christian couple

Newlyweds wake up one morning on their honeymoon and the man suggests: "Darling, why don't you brew us some coffee?"

Wife looks confused: "But that's your task, honey."
What? Why?

"It's all over the Bible, dearest."

"The Bible says nothing about who's supposed to be brewing coffee!"

The wife grabs hold of a copy and starts flipping pages at random: "See? Everywhere: Hebrews, Hebrews, Hebrews."

A teacher was correcting exams from his students.

When he saw the exam of Joe, a student he hated, he gave him 0% without even reading his exam and wrote at the bottom:
"s**...! d**...!"
When Joe received his copy, he was so shocked he went straight to the teacher's office and said:
"Sir, you didn't even read my exam. All I see is a 0% with your name and signature at the bottom."

A real cliffhanger....

Did you hear about the scientist who successfully made an exact copy of himself?
Unfortunately it was very foul mouthed and crude, and the scientist grew tired of it, and finally got rid of it by pushing it off a cliff.
He was later arrested for making an obscene clone fall.

My wife began reading 'The Exorcist'.

She said it was the most evil book she ever read. So evil in fact, she couldn't finish it, took it over to the beach and threw it into the ocean off a fishing pier.
I went and bought another copy, ran the faucet over it and left it in the night table drawer by her bed. That night was the first time she ever screamed and fainted.

I went to the library looking for a copy of the Kama sutra...

I couldn't find it. So I complained to the librarian.
They Replied "Ah that's cause it's in a different position every week"

Whoever stole my copy of Microsoft Office...

I will find you; you have my Word. You've taken my one only good Outlook in life. Seriously though, how did you gain Access & why did you only leave OneNote?


A man walks into blockbuster, has a look around and goes to the front desk.
"excuse me sir, can I have a copy of Batman forever?"
Clerk responds: "Sorry guy, I'm gonna need it back tomorrow night".

Where do police go to use the bathroom?

The copy room

Years ago, my Mother-in-law began reading, "The Exorcist". She said it was the most evil book she ever read. So evil in fact, she couldn't finish it, took it to the ocean and threw it off the pier.

I went out, but another copy, ran it under the faucet, and left it beside her bed.

A copy pulls over an old lady driving very slowly on the highway...

...and sees three other old ladies in the car, all of whom are terrified.
Cop: I pulled you over because you were driving 35 miles per hour on the highway.
Old Lady: Well, that's because the speed limit is 35.
Cop: No, this is HIGHWAY 35. The speed limit is 65. By the way, why are these other three women looking so terrified?
Old Lady: Ohhh, that's because we just got off of highway 145.

Cop: Suspect is dancing n**... downtown.

Dispatcher: Copy that.
Cop: I'll try but I'm not much of a dancer.

A cop sees a dancing suspect

Cop: Suspect is engaging in high-profile break-dancing in the main square
Radio: Copy that
Cop: I've had a couple breakdance lessons but I'm no way as good as him sir

-Officer Johnson here...

\-*Officer, go ahead.*
\-We responded to a call about a woman who stabbed his husband 38 times after he walked in on the floor still wet. We're at the location.
\-*Copy, Officer Johnson. Have you arrested the woman yet?*
\-Negative, we're waiting for the floor to dry.

Today I learned about the Astley paradox!

If you ask Rick Astley for his copy of the movie UP, he cannot give it to you as he will never give you up.
However, in doing so, he lets you down.
Thus creating the Astley Paradox.

I had a job interview yesterday...

The chap conducting the interview had a copy of my CV in front of him. He said to me
"It says here you're a man of mystery"
"That's correct" I replied
"Would you care to elaborate?"

First day as a cop

Me: Suspect is dancing n**... in the street.
Dispatch: Copy that.
Me: Okay, I'll try, but I'm not much of a dancer.

If you were to ask Rick Astley for his copy of the movie UP he would never give it to you.

In doing so, he would let you down.
Thus creating the rickroll paradox.

The copier says to the paper "Can you hear me?"

The paper replies, "Copy that."
**From my eight year old daughter who WON'T SLEEP

My local book shop had a sale on "1/3 off all titles"

I scored a pristine hardback copy of 'The Lion, The Witch'

Was reading a "People Who Passed Away In 2020" article and saw that Larry Tesler, one of the co-developers of the basic copy and paste function for computers, died in February.

Was reading one of those "People Who Passed Away In 2020" articles and saw that Larry Tesler, one of the co-developers of the basic copy and paste function for computers, died in February.
Was reading one of those "People Who Passed Away In 2020" articles and saw that Larry Tesler, one of the co-developers of the basic copy and paste function for computers, died in February.

The Felony laws are rediculous...

Three guys were talking about how they ended up in an Arizona prison.
Guy 1: what are you in for?
Guy 2: selling w**... to my 23 year old cousin with anxiety.
Guy 1: I can beat that, I was playing bioshock and the radio in game played some 1950s s**.... I got a copy right strike and here I am.
Guy 3: I got you both beat. I'm in here because my a**... fall asleep in the bathtub.

I just scored a 170 on an online IQ test and only had to answer three simple questions

1. ⁠My credit card number
2. ⁠My social security number
. ⁠Uploading a signed copy of my birth certificate

Copy joke, I just scored a 170 on an online IQ test and only had to answer three simple questions

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