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  1. A man in an interrogation room says I'm not saying a word without my lawyer present. Cop: You are the lawyer.
    Lawyer: Exactly, so where's my present?
  2. The show COPS has been dropped from broadcast honoring the longstanding tradition of police turning off their cameras.
  3. I got pulled over by a female cop... When I rolled down my window to ask what was wrong, she said
  4. A cop stops a miner for speeding on the highway COP: Whose car is this? Where are you headed? What do you do?
    miner: mine
  5. I told the cop, You can't write me a ticket. I have a marathon to run tomorrow. The cop said, Sir, that's not how you play the race card.
  6. The cop asked, "Whose car is this? Where are you headed? What do you do?" The miner replied, "Mine."
  7. How many Karen's does it take to change a light bulb? Just call 911 and demand a cop come do something about the intimidating blackness
  8. As a cop, I don't know how to deal with black people... But I guess I'll take a shot at it.
  9. The show "COPS" is no longer filmed honoring the longstanding tradition of police turning off their cameras
  10. If I was a cop I would be ticketing people for not using their turn signals.. Left and right

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Cops joke, If I was a cop I would be ticketing people for not using their turn signals..

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Cops One Liners

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  1. How can you tell good cops from bad cops? Easy. Good cops carry a Goodge.
  2. When cops arrest a clinically insane person... ...are they busting a nut?
  3. Why does Batman leave his lower face visible? So cops can see that he's white
  4. I saw a cop pull over a U Haul today... Looks like he was trying to bust a move.
  5. The toilet at my local police station has been stolen. Cops have nothing to go on
  6. Cop asks a high are you? Guy: no officer, it's hi, how are you.
  7. How many cops does it take to throw a black guy down the stairs? None. He fell.
  8. Why do cops have really clear skin? They're great at popping black heads.
  9. What kind of sweater do cops wear? A pullover.
  10. How many cops does it take to push a minority down the stairs? None, "He fell"
  11. Why is a cop like a box of chocolates? They'll kill your dog.
  12. Somebody stole all the toilets in the police station The cops have nothing to go on
  13. The toilet was stolen from the police station. The cops have nothing to go on.
  14. I was arrested for being awake too long The cops said i was resisting a rest
  15. What do you call a police officer that doesn't get out of bed? An under cover cop.

Cops And Donuts Jokes

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  • what's the difference between a black man and a box of donuts? One of them's already full of holes before the cops see them.
  • So I was doing donuts in my car.. And a cop pulls me over. Now I know what you're thinking, who names their dog Donuts?
  • Going to open up a donut shop next to a medical m**... store I'll call it glazed and confused
  • A cop pulled a man over and said, sir, your eyes are bloodshot, have you been drinking? The man replied, officer, your eyes are glazed, have you been eating donuts?
  • A guy gets pulled over by a cop. Cop: Your eyes are bloodshot; have you been drinking?
    Guy: Your eyes are glazed; have you been eating donuts?
  • What not to say to a cop If you get pulled over and the cop says "Your eyes look glazed over It is not wise to say "like your donuts?"
  • A cop asked me why I was driving so fast "Helping you pay for donuts" was not the right answer
  • What the difference between a black guy and a donut? One of them already had a hole before the cop saw it
  • What do you call a cop morning mystery? Who donut?
  • I was pulled over by a cop today He walked up and said "sir have you been drinking today? Your eyes look red". I replied back with "no sir but have you been eating donuts? Your eyes look glazed."

Cops And Robbers Jokes

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  • Did you hear about the robbers who broke into the police station and stole all the toilet seats? It happened last week and the cops still don't have anything to go on.
  • So i just saw a bank robber jump down some stairs while yelling about how terrible the cops were guess you could say he was condescending
  • A rather bold robber... Broke into the local police department and stole all of their toilets.
    Cops report that they have nothing to go on.
  • What's the difference between an unarmed black man and an armed robber on the run? How should I know, I'm just a cop!
  • Victim: Then the robber walked through the door holding a gun! Cop: Was it a revolver?
    Victim: No, a normal door. He just pushed through it.
  • When I was a kid, I played Cops and Robbers with my black friend. After I got cuffed, I was beaten with a baseball bat, shot with a NERF gun, and then he put a knife in my hand.
  • What do you call a cop chasing a clothing store robber? Pursuit
  • Cops are looking for a fat bank robber. He's still at large.
  • I saw some children playing cops and robbers When I tried to tell them it used to be played cops or robbers, they laughed at me and went back to robbing the one playing the citizen.
  • Name a famous robber! Cops!
Cops joke, Name a famous robber!

Charming Humor Cops Jokes with Loads of Fun

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Three women (redhead, blondie and an asian) have just escaped a prison, and the cops are looking for them...

The girls were running trough the city and went into one of those fruit/ vegetables' market to hide, and find 3 bag of potatoes big enough for them to hide inside.
After a while, one cop that is looking for them finds the bags, and realize that they're kind of weird... So he approaches and kicks the first potatoe's bag, with the asian girl inside...
The asian girl, quickly respond the kick with barking noises: ruff ruff
"Oh... These are just a few dogs!", says the cop.
He then approaches to the second potatoe's bag, with the redhead inside, and kicks it as well.
"Meow... Meow", the redhead answers.
"Oh... These are just a few cats!", says the cop.
Finally, he gets close to the third potatoe's bag, with the blondie inside, and kicks it too.
The voice inside the bags respond:

Two Cops were waiting outside of a bar at closing time......

.....waiting to pop drunk drivers.
A man comes out of the bar, and he is obviously in rough shape. He is weaving all over the place, and almost falls when he trips on a curb. He fumbles with his car keys for almost two minutes, dropping them several times before he finally unlocks his car. He gets in, starts the car, and drives off.
Needless to say, the cops follow him: for several miles. The man's driving was flawless, perfect and in accordance with all traffic laws.
Finally, they decide to pull him over anyway. They turn on their lights. He pulls over instantly. They ask him to step out of the car; he calmly complies. They check his license; it is valid, and clean. They give him several field sobriety tests, each harder than the last. He passes all with flying colors.
The two cops look at each other, then the man, and ask "Sir, you aren't drunk, are you?"
"No, I'm not," says the man.
"Then why were you acting drunk when you left the bar?"
"I'm tonight's DD."
"Designated Driver?"
"No, I'm the Designated Decoy. All of my drunk friends drove off the other way."

How many cops does it take to beat up a light bulb?

None. That light bulb fell down the stairs.

Princess Diana had dandruff.

Cops found her head and shoulders in the glove compartment.

That half man, half horse...

Did you hear about the half man, half horse causing a ruckus downtown last night? He was k**... over trash cans, yelling at people, just going crazy. The cops finally showed up, calmed him down, and asked "Why are you doing this?" Apparently he wanted to be the centaur of attention.

How many cops does it take to screw in a light bulb?

How many cops does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Zero, they will just beat the room for being black.

Cops come to house to report my dogs.

The cops came to my house and said "We received a couple of calls saying that your dogs are chasing people on bikes."
I replied "Well that's a lie, my dogs don't have bikes."

Wrong queue !

This girl was a p**..., but her "granny" didn't know about it. One day, the police rounded up a group of pro's and the girl was caught. The cops had them lined up against a wall of the street where they were caught soliciting. Just then the grandmother walked by and saw her granddaughter.
She asked the girl, "What are you lining up for?"
The granddaughter, not willing to tell the truth, told her grandmother that she was lining up for some free oranges. Well, grandma, not one for passing up something free, joined the back of the line. A policeman who was going down the line taking information from each girl, soon reached the grandmother. He was stunned and bewildered to see her.
So, he asked carefully, "Ma am, you're rather old to be out here, how do you still do it?"
Grandma proudly replied, "Oh, it's easy, I just take out my teeth and s**...'em dry."

Police humors

Someone cut a hole in the nudist camp fence. The police are looking into it.
Someone stole the toilet from the police headquarters. The cops have nothing to go on.

A lawyer was in his BMW...

...when he opened the door to get out, an oncoming truck hit the door, ripping it off, and went on. The lawyer calls the cops.
Lawyer (Whining) : Officer, look what happened to my beamer.
Officer : You lawyers are so materialistic it makes me sick. You are so worried about your car that you did not notice that your arm is missing as well.
Lawyer (in shock) : Oh my God! Where's my Rolex?

(OC) What do the cops do when they get a fly infestation?

Call in the swat team!

Someone broke into the local police station and stole the toilet.

Right now the cops have nothing to go on.

A blonde is pulled over by a police officer...

"May I see your License Ma'am?"

"You know you cops really need to get your act together... One day your buddy takes my license away, and the next you ask for it"

Did you hear about the string of bank robberies committed by a guy dressed up like Jesus?

The cops finally nailed him.

A guest calls the front desk of a hotel:

and says my wife wants to commit s**... by jumping out of the window.
The receptionist: sir, this is a private matter. Please call the cops.
Guest: no. i need a maintenance guy. Your window doesnt open.

A cops calls for backup from a crime scene

This is officer John, please send backup, a woman has shot her husband for stepping on the floor she had just mopped clean.
Have you arrested the woman?
No Sir, the floor is still wet.


Two policeman on patrol see a man walking with a Gorilla. Of course, they stop to inquire. They ask, "So Buddy, what's up with the Gorilla?" The man replies, "I'm taking to the Zoo." Cops say "OK" be on your way. A day later the cops see the same man and gorilla....They stop. "Sir" the officer directs. "We saw you yesterday and thought you were taking him to the Zoo?" "I did", the man replies, "But today, I'm taking him to the movies."

I wanted to make friends but I had no facebook

So I went out on the street and started shouting what I cooked, ate or drank.
Right now I've got 3 followers - two cops and a psychiatrist

A police officer stops a driver...

A police officer stops a driver to give him a ticket. He looks at the guy's driver license and says, "This says here that you need to wear corrective lenses when you drive."
The guy replies, "I have contacts".
The cops says, "I dont care who you know you still need corrective lenses"

A blonde, a brunette, and a red head just robbed a bank.

They run into a barn to hide from the cops chasing them. Each of them jumps into an empty burlap sack when the cops come in.
The cops see the bags so they inspect them. The cops shakes the red head's bag. "Woof woof !" Says the red head. So the cops move on, thinking that it's just the farmer's dog.
The cops shake the brunette's bag. "Meow!" Says the brunette. So the cops move on.
The cops approach the third sack and shake the bag. The blonde yells "potatoes!"

How many cops does it take to change a light bulb?

None, they just shoot the room for being dark.

Xbox and PlayStation are having a fight...

Then the cops show up: "Wii U, Wii U, Wii U, Wii U..."

A guy gets pulled over for speeding

The cops walks up to the guy's car window and says "Son, I've been here just a waitin' for you all day."
The guy replies "Well, I got here as fast as I could".

o**... Bin Laden, Josef Stalin and h**... are robbing a bank, who do the cops shoot first?

A black guy

I called the cops about a m**... on my front lawn and they just hung up.

They said that couldn't do anything about crows and to stop calling.

The difference between rural, suburban, and urban.

- If you stand n**... on the front porch and the neighbors can't see you, it's rural.
- If you stand n**... on the front porch and the neighbors call the cops, it's suburban.
- If you stand n**... on the front porch and the neighbors ignore you, it's urban.
Credit to someone on /u/jasonreid1976's Facebook.

How many cops does it take to change a light bulb?

They don't, they just shoot the room for being black.

How many cops does it take to screw in a light bulb?

They don't. They just beat up the room for being dark and arrest the light for being broke.

A buddhist goes to a hot dog stand and says...

"Make me one with everything."
When the guy hands him his hot dog, the monk pays and asks for his change.
The vendor replies, "Change comes from within."
Then the monk gets angry and pulls out his gun.
The vendor clamors "Whoa, whoa! What about inner peace?"
And the monk replies "this IS my inner piece."
Suddenly a bystander calls out. "I've called the cops! They'll be here any minute!"
The vendor, expecting the monk to flee the scene, is quite surprised to see that the monk makes no motion to leave, even as the sounds of police sirens fill the street.
"Aren't you going to run away?" he asks.
The monk shakes his head and replies, "Namaste."

I yelled "shotgun", long before anyone else, but I still got to sit in the backseat.

I hate cops.

I don't understand why people are so upset about Harambe

I mean, gorillas get shot by white cops all the time.

I, for one, support these crazy killers dressing up like clowns.

It was a lot harder to see them coming when they were dressing like cops.

When I was a kid my younger cousin always cheated at freeze tag,

So I wasn't surprised when I heard he got shot by the cops

I got arrested today for feeding the homeless guys on my street...

And to top it off, the cops took away my potato gun.

How come american cops always lose at pool?

Because they always shoot down the black one first.

What do you call a Mexican man who escapes the cops?

The Juan that got away.

My humor is so dark

That the cops are even beating it

How many cops does it take to change a lightbulb?

Two. One to beat the room for being black and one to arrest the bulb for being broke.

The power of Pepsi

So a couple of friends of mine, one black, one white were at a protest and wondered which carbonated drink makes the police the most peaceful. Turns out it really is Pepsi. You see, my white friend went up to the front of the protest and shouted to the cops "Anybody wanna buy some Pepsi?!" and the cops were all chill and happy, some even bought a can or two. But then my black friend went up to the front and shouted "Anybody wanna buy some coke?!"

Why do cops love going to Black Friday early?

So they can beat the crowd

Why is stealing toilets from the police station the perfect crime?

Because the cops have nothing to go on.

If the cops were asked to rate a GTA game...

They'd give it 5 stars.

An idiot has a mirror in his closet

He wakes up one night and opens the closet and he sees himself. Scared, he quickly calls the cops
"Police! There's a burglar in my closet, come quickly!"
A police man arrives at the idiots house and opens the closet and finds the mirror. He takes a step back and slaps the idiot as hard as he can
"Why did you call me when you already had a policeman inside?!"

Cops turned up at my place last night

"I'm sorry, but it looks like your wife's been hit by a car..."
I said "Yes but she has a great personality."

A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead are running from the cops...

They duck into an abandoned warehouse, each find a an empty sack, and climb into it.
Cops follow and poke the bag with the brunette. The brunette goes woof! The policeman says, Oh, it's just a bag of dogs, and walks on.
They poke the bag with the redhead. The redhead goes meow! The policeman says, Oh, it's just a bag of cats, and walks on.
They poke the bag with the blonde and the blonde goes Potato. Potato.

I always wondered what would happen if I ran from the cops

I was stunned when I tried it.

I once tried to walk a mile in another man's shoes

Cops got me before I could get to the end of it.

Two priests are driving down a road when they are pulled over by the cops.

The cop shines a light in their faces and signals to the driver to roll down his window.
"We're searching for two child molesters," he says.
The driver leans over to the other priest and they whisper between themselves.
Finally, he turns back to the policeman. "Ok. We'll do it."

My dad said that I could be anyone I wanted to be.

Now I am wanted by the cops for identity theft.

I bought a Jell-O mold in the shape of a handgun

The first time I used it the Jell-O came out and it looked perfect. Immediately the cops busted down my door and arrested me. I was charged with possession of a congealed weapon.

If I had a penny for every time a girl asked me out..

I'd have 5 cents.
She said if I came back inside her house a sixth time she would call the cops.

Race for mobile phone.

Person 1 : Hey nice mobile phone. How much you bought it for?
Person 2: I won it in a race.
Person 1: Race? What kind of race? How many people were running?
Person 2: Well, the mobile shop owner, 3 cops and I.

Did you hear about the guy that got murdered by a starter p**...?

Cops said it was race related

A high-end lawyer is leaving his car when he gets sideswiped by a passing truck.

He calls the cops and he start complaining to them about how the truck had ruin his beautiful Roles Royce. The cop looks at him and sneers, you lawyers, always so concerned about your money. You are so busy worrying about your car that you didn't even notice that your left arm is missing.
The lawyer looks at his missing arm in horror and screams, oh no, my Rolex!!

The cops in my town are looking for a crazy man. He was last seen having s**... with a laundry machine.

Nut screws washer and bolts.

Why do cops hate insomniacs?

Because they are always resisting a rest

It's getting real bad here in California. I just got robbed at the gas station. I called the cops and they asked if I knew who did it.

"It was pump #5," I replied.

[blonde] Two girls were speeding down the highway at well over a 100 miles per hour.

"Hey," asked the brunette at the wheel, "see any cops following us?"
The blonde turned around for a long look. "As a matter of fact, I do."
"Oh, NOOOO!" yelled the brunette. "Are his flashers on?"
The blonde turned around again. "Yes... no... yes... no...yes..."

There is a mysterious crime spree going on at our local IKEA.

The cops are having a hard time putting the pieces together.

How many cops does it need to change a broken light bulb?

No idea, but they beat up the room for being black and the bulb for being broke

A pregnant woman walks into a bank being robbed,

She tried to call the cops and got shot in the stomach three times. Luckily, all her children were safe.
15 years later, one of her daughters came up to her and said, "Mom, I was peeing and a bullet came out." So, she told her daughter the story.
Then, her other daughter walked into the room and she said, "Mom, I was peeing and a bullet came out." So, she told her daughter the story.
Finally, her son came in and she assumed she knew what he was going to say, "Let me guess, you were peeing and a bullet came out?"
The son replied, "No, what? I was m**... and I shot the dog."

Yesterday I saw a police officer wearing a pilot's uniform

I thought it was a bit odd.
Then I realized he was one of those "plane clothes cops."

The cops in my town are looking for a racist attacker, so I called them up.

Apparently it wasn't a job interview.

A proton, electron and a neuton get into a bar fight.

The bartender calls cops and they show up to arrest everyone. The cops cuff the proton and electron but they let the neutron go because nobody could press charges.

I hate people who take drugs.

Like cops, DEA agents...

How many cops does it take to change a lightbulb?

1 to change the bulb and 4 to shoot the room up for being black

Q: how many cops does it take to change a light bulb?

A: none. They just shoot the room for being too dark.

My roommate got in trouble with the police because he had two crows in our apartment as pets.

The cops arrested him for attempted m**....

Tom was stopped by the cops while walking home at 2am the other night.

The cop asked where him where he was going at that time of night. Tom replied, "I'm on my way to a lecture about alcohol a**... and the effects it has on the human body, as well as smoking and staying out late." The officer then asked, "Really? Who's giving that lecture at this time of night?" Tom replied, "That would be my wife."

Why do cops hate sick birds?

Because they're ill eagles.

How many cops does it take to change a light bulb?

Cops don't change light bulbs.
They just shoot the room for being black.

Cops joke, How many cops does it take to change a light bulb?

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