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When I found out my wife was having an affair, I was heartbroken. I turned to religion to cope.

Now I'm Muslim and we're stoning her tomorrow.

I've decided to go on the "England World Cup Diet"

It only lasts 5 days and you lose loads!

(England fan here using humour to cope with the pain...)

to help cope with his loss Roy Moore ordered a 12 year old whiskey

she didn't like it

My in-laws couldn't cope when their cat unexpectedly had 9 kittens, so my wife told me to put them in a sack and throw them in the river…

I did it but it broke my heart.

I quite liked her dad…

People always ask 'how do you cope with erectile disfunction'?

Honestly, it's not that hard

I used to have a girlfriend who, whenever she had a bad headache, would go into the cupboard, find my oats I'd normally eat for breakfast and then throw them in the garbage.

Apparently she couldn't cope with my grains.

My girlfriend says she can't cope with delivering any more babies.

I think it's just a midwife crisis.

When I found out my wife was cheating on me, I was devastated. I turned to religion to cope.

Now I'm Muslim and we're stoning her tomorrow.

I run a rehabilitation program where we get prison inmates to write poetry to help them cope with their emotions.

I call it:
Prose and Cons

'How To Cope With Disappointment' ;-)

Saw a sign outside of an office building which said
"Today's workshop 'How To Cope With Disappointment' has been cancelled"

Pluto, king of the Underworld, may be terrifying, but deep down he's just depressed.

He's trying to cope with it, but Charon took the kids.

Gene Therapy

The act of watching Gene Wilder films to cope with the loss of Gene Wilder.

This is the place for wordplay, right?

Copernicus was trying to figure out why the Sun set at night and rose during the day.

Then it dawned on him.

If Barack and Joe were in a buddy cope movie, would it be called "Abiden By The Law"?

My balloon business folded this week

Just couldn't cope with the rate of inflation

How did Copernicus become the first Polish astronomer?

He was the first one in the country to look up.

I'm not a drunk, I only drink after work.

Thankfully I work 7 days a week, otherwise I wouldn't be able to cope.

My friend is going through some hard times at the moment and to cope, he keeps telling everyone places we used to visit a lot when we were kids.

I mean, we've all been there.

I've been clean for 47 days

I'm taking daily baths but it's okay because I've been using heroin to cope.

How do Mesothelioma victims cope with their disease?

Asbestos they can

A friend of mine really wants to do stand up

He can't cope with losing both of his legs in a car accident

My wife said she's struggling to cope and need some time alone.

I told her, "don't worry, I'm by your side."

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