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What's Whitney Houston's favorite type of coordination?


To improve control of my off hand, my coach told me to start using it to brush my teeth..

It worked! My dexterity and hand-eye coordination improved immensely! Now if I could just do something about these cavities.

What is Whitney Houston's favorite kind of coordination?


Coordination joke, What is Whitney Houston's favorite kind of coordination?

What's Whitney Houston's favourite form of coordination?


What's Whitney Houstons favourite kind of co-ordination?

Haaand eeeeeeyeeee

Why is Whitney Houston good at video games?

One of her strong suits is HAAND EEEEEEEYYYEEEE coordination.

What kind of coordination does a pirate have?

Aye aye coordination

Coordination joke, What kind of coordination does a pirate have?

I recently got into an accident by over steering into a Korean car.

It could have been avoided if I had better Hyundai coordination.

What do video games and Playboy have in common?

They both improve eye-hand coordination.

If only Whitney Houston could hit a baseball pitch as well as she could hit notes and pitch her voice.

She would have had the world's best hAND EYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIEEEEEIIIIIIIIIII coordination.

What is Whitney Houston's best coordination????

hannnnnnnnd eyyyyyeeee

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What's Whitney Houston's favourite coordination?

Hand eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye

What do you call someone who always wears matching rings and matching glasses?

Someone with good hand-eye coordination!

Whitney Hustons favourite type of coordination?

Haaaand Eyyyyeeeee

What is Whitney Houston's favourite type of coordination?


What's Whitney Houston's favourite type of coordination?


It's my cake day humour me.

Coordination joke, What's Whitney Houston's favourite type of coordination?

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