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  1. Why was the winter solstice always invited to the snowman's parties? It brought the longest nights and the coolest vibes!
  2. Who's the coolest guy at the hospital? - The Ultra Sound guy
    Who covers for him when he isn't there?
    - The Hip Replacement guy
  3. John buys binoculars and shows it to Bob. "Bob, this is the coolest thing ever. Last night I saw you doing you wife" You can return it, it's broken. Last night I was out of town
  4. My neighbor always tells me he was the coolest kid in grade 6 Today I found out he was the only kid in his class with a driver's license and a mustache
  5. Who's the coolest guy at the hospital? The ultra sound guy.
    Who's the coolest guy when he's not around?
    The hip replacement guy.
  6. A scientist took a selfie while he was drinking liquid nitrogen He was quoted as saying "It was the coolest shot I ever took"
  7. Thor Odinson may not be the coolest God-name ever... But it's still better than Loki Adoptedson.
  8. Who's the coolest guy in the hospital? You'd think it's the hip replacement surgeon, but it's actually the ultra-sound guy...
  9. People tell me I'm an egotistical narcissist I don't know what that means. But it doesn't matter because I'm the smartest, handsomest, coolest guy who has ever lived.
  10. Who is the coolest guy at the hospital? The ultra sound guy.
    And who covers when hes off sick?
    The hip replacement guy.

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  1. Who is the coolest doctor in the hospital? The hip doctor.
  2. Who's the coolest man in the hospital? The hip replacement guy.
  3. What's the coolest way to die? Hypothermia
  4. Who's the coolest guy in the hospital? The ultra-sound guy.
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  5. Who's the coolest person in a hospital? The ultra sound guy
  6. Why are baseball stadiums the coolest place to be? Because it's full of fans!
  7. What's the coolest vegetable? Iceberg lettuce
  8. What's the hottest and coolest news program? The weather forecast
  9. I met a the coolest guy in the world My husband said he was 0k
  10. How to be the coolest guy in the room? Be the only one there
  11. Who are the coolest people working at the hospital? The ultrasound guys
  12. What is the coolest food on the planet?
  13. The Bose-Einstein Condensate Is the coolest state of matter
  14. What's the coolest kind of surgery? Hip surgery.
  15. Which is the coolest alphabet? B, because it lives between A. C.

Coolest joke, Which is the coolest alphabet?

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So a man dies and goes to Heaven...

In Heaven, he asks God what the coolest things about Heaven are.
God says, "Well, here in Heaven, a minute lasts a million years, and a penny is worth a million dollars."
The man replies, "Oh, cool! Can I have a penny?"
To which God tells him, "In a minute."
My fifth grade teacher told me this joke when I was in, well, fifth grade.

A young man approaches a fisherman standing in the river...

He waves to the fisherman and says, "Wow, great pole you've got there!"
The fisherman smiles, gives a slight nod, and says, "thank you!"
\- "And man, that's some of the coolest tackle I've ever seen!"
Smile, nod, "thank you!"
"Some high-quality bait, too."
Big smile... "thank you!"
The young man peers down into the river... "you know, the fish don't really come through here this time of year..."
The fisherman: "Yeah, I know."
\- "Well, what are you fishing for?"
The fisherman shrugs, "Compliments."

"That's the coolest doormat ever!" said my wife. I responded "Cooler than your husband?"

Then she bought it against my wishes

Have you ever met the coolest mushroom in town?

You should, he's a real fungi.

Who's the coolest person at the hospital?

The ultra sound guy.
Who's the second coolest?
The hip replacement dude.

Coolest part of a space ship

Coolest part of a space ship is the RADiator.

Have you guys heard of the coolest bone of the 1940s?

It was hip.

My table is the coolest thing i know...

It gates laid every day.

Coolest joke, My table is the coolest thing i know...

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