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What's cooler than being cool?

Being 0K.

Bag limit.

A guy was on his boat fishing in a pond and caught way over the bag limit. He was heading back to the dock when the game warden stopped him and asked to check what he caught. The warden opens the fishermen's cooler and sees that the guy has surpassed his limit by about 20 fish. The warden tells the man he has too many fish and he is going to cite the fishermen. The fishermen says "No, you see these are my pet fish. I didn't catch them I called them to me". The warden doesn't believe the guy, and so the fishermen tells the warden he will show him. The guy dumps the cooler of fish in the water. The warden waits a minute and says to the guy "ok now call the fish back".
"What fish?"

My boss walks over to my desk as the phone is ringing…

Boss: Why aren't you picking that up??

Me: I pick it up on the third ring, makes me seem cooler.

Boss: PICK IT UP!!

Me: [rolls eyes] fine. 911, what's your emergency?

Dad joke I came up with at work.

I work at a grocery store produce department. Today there was some misplaced cheese in a cooler. I saw it was sharp provolone. I took it to the deli lady and once she read it I said "be careful, it's sharp."

Been going to the gym now for 6 weeks and have noticed some huge improvements.

For one, they've fixed the water cooler.

Whats cooler than OnlyFans?

Only Air Conditioners

When someone says they don't believe in global warming

Be a lot cooler if you did

If you're hotter than me...

Then I guess that makes me cooler than you.

I went to the store with my wife!

While passing the beer cooler I picked up a case and put it in the cart.

She asked what was I doing and I said "10 dollars is cheap for a case of beer."

She replied, "We can't afford it, put it back."

So I put it back, and a few more Isles down, she picked up a 20 dollar jar of face cream and put it in the cart.

I asked, "How can we afford this?"

She replied, "Because this makes my face pretty."

I said so will a case of beer at half the price.

Bert and Ernie are at the beach on a hot summer's afternoon...

Bert pulls out his cooler and opens it up.

"Do you want some ice cream, Ernie?"

"Sure Bert."


Two girls were walking down the sidewalk on a hot summer day. They come upon this old lady sitting on steps in front of her house eating watermelon. They notice that she wasn`t wearing any panties. So they ask her if its cooler without wearing any panties.

She said, "I don't know if it's cooler but sure keeps the flies off the watermelon.

My band and I had our first significant gig tonight, but afterwards I realized that it would have been way cooler with a fog machine...

It was a huge mist opportunity.

Two men were talking by the water cooler...

One of them says to the other: You know the secretary? I took her to my house yesterday and we were up at it all night. I think she's better then my wife.

The next day the other man goes and says: You know what, you were right. She is better than your wife

I just got a water cooler for my PC

not a fan.

I like frieza from dragonball

But his brother is cooler.

I sweat less when I wear sunglasses ...

Because I feel cooler

On his first day at a resort in Greece, George and his wife went down to the beach.

Later when he went back to his room to get something to drink, he found the chambermaid making their bed. He grabbed his cooler and was on his way back out when he stopped at the door and asked, "Can we drink beer on the beach?"

"Sure." she replied. "Let me finish the rest of the rooms first."

Whoever coined the term "wet nurse" missed a golden opportunity...

A cooler name would have been utili-titty.

What's cooler than a talking dog?

A spelling bee.

What did Matthew McConaughey say to me when he found out I made a joke that didn't make the front page?

"It'd be a lot cooler if you did."

Some people say that Frieza was the best character in Dragon Ball Z, but...

I think his brother was cooler.

What's lamer than a lemon but cooler than a cucumber?

A radish.

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

They dont like anything cooler than they are.

How do you burn a bucket of water?

Tell it that it would be cooler if it were a bucket of ice.

Why are physicists still considered "not" cool...

When Thermodynamic entropy is getting cooler all the time?

I think there is nothing cooler than being a lone wolf.

except for at wolf picnics, when you don't have a partner for the wolf wheelbarrow races.

Do I look like a fan to you?

Because you seem so much cooler when I'm around.

What did the fan say to the ac?

You are like me but cooler

Why was the refrigerator jealous of the mini-fridge?

He was a little cooler

What did the ice cube say to the glass of water?

I'm cooler than you

I don't like frieza

His brother is cooler

Did you hear about the company that turns anything into a miniature refrigeration unit?

They make everything a little cooler.

A man is standing at the office water cooler...

...Talking animatedly telling his coworker he found that his girlfriend was poking holes in his condoms. He elbows the other guy and says "luckily I found out years ago I'm sterile, really dodged a bullet there."

The other guy scoffs "is it really dodging bullets if you're shooting blanks?"

A bunch of scientists got together one day for a barbecue...

...and were cooking up sausages, but they were one short. They looked in the cooler, the fridge, everywhere they could think to look, but science still has yet to find the missing link.

My boss caught me relaxing in the cooler and asked me what I was doing...

Just chillin'.

Frieza might be the owner of several hundred planets, and he might be the tyrannical overlord of the universe

But his brother is Cooler

Why are locksmiths in Japan cooler than the rest of the world's locksmiths?

Because in Japan they're rocksmiths. 🀘

I quit my job as CEO at the pc fan factory

They needed a cooler master

"That's the coolest doormat ever!" said my wife. I responded "Cooler than your husband?"

Then she bought it against my wishes

So my friends and I were having a debate over Mortal Komabt

We concluded Sub-Zero is definitely cooler than Scorpion

What did the paranoid beer cooler say to the bartender?

Are you stocking me!?

There's a rumor going around at work that we're getting a new beverage dispenser.

Management hasn't confirmed yet, so it could just be water cooler gossip.

What's cooler than a pamphlet?

A bro-chure!

What's the difference between a Yeti and the Serengeti?

The Serengeti is usually warm, whereas the Yeti is a little cooler.

work refrigerator jokes

I'm running out of puns for the office fridge clean out. I used to be cooler.

I'm a saiyan dad. It's like being freiza'a

But cooler

Never put your wallet in a cooler...

... your credit cards will freeze.

Federal Agents stand around the water cooler and discuss passing the buck on the case where 45 y/o Kevin Easterly abducts 16 y/o Amy Yu across state lines to Mexico.

Why does the Abominable Snowman always wear a diamond necklace?

Cause a yeti's cooler with ice.

What's cold and fits in a cooler?

Gary Coleman

What does a DrugLord and a TimeLord have in common...

They both have two hearts, but one keeps his spare in a cooler.

Two office workers are chatting by the water cooler

"I has a nice quiet dinner with the wife last night" one says.

"Oh yeah?" The other responds.

"Yeah, except for the celery."

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