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  1. A man cuts a hunk of meat from his torso and cooks it in a pan. As he bleeds out, he realises: "I've made a big me-steak"
  2. I tried cooking Chinese spare ribs in the oven instead of the pan. I'll tell you it was a walk in the park compared to the pork in the wok.
  3. My mom wants a new cooking skillet for Christmas. I haven't got the dough, but oh well, we'll see how things pan out.
  4. I went to the Chinese cooking store and asked where I could find the pots and pans. The store clerk told me "Wok this way."
  5. Why couldn't the b**... cook his twigs? He only had Non-Stick pans.
  6. I tried p**... brownies for the first time yesterday They tasted funny, since you usually cook brownies in a pan instead of a p**....
  7. My Girlfriend is a pan s**..... Now I can't get the umami taste out of anything we cook.

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Cooking Pan One Liners

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  1. What do Chinese bears use to cook? A pan. Duh!
  2. Why can't you cook wood in a pan? Its a non stick pan
  3. What's a panda's favorite cooking utensil? A pan.. duh??
  4. Why could the chef not cook a tree branch? Because he used a non-stick pan.
  5. [OC] How does captain hook cook pita bread? With a pita pan.
  6. What do you call a disney movie about antique cooking wares pewter pan
  7. Why was the cooking joke not funny? Because it didn't pan out
  8. Why are Chinese Bears the best cooks? The Pan Duh.
  9. What is a linguist's favorite food? PIE. But how does he cook it? in PAN.
  10. What is a Chinese man's favorite thing to cook with? A pan...duh
  11. What does a black and white bear use to cook it's dinner? A pan, duh!
  12. What does a panda use to cook his pancakes? A Pan Duhhhh!!
  13. I like cooking and comedy But I just don't like pans
  14. I forgot to use oil when cooking my eggs I guess you could say Black Pan Down
  15. People who cook breakfast in a t-shirt are d**.... Use a pan,for God's sake.

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Bob gets a job at a Japanese restaurant...

In the kitchen he notices all the pots, pans, plates, etc have names stamped on them. His boss says it's for easy identification.
One day the cook asks him to go get a wok. So Bob goes into the back and grabs the first thing he can find that resembles a wok with the name "Peter" in bold letters on the side and brings it to the cook.
The cook looks at it and shakes he head.
"Peter pan! He no wok, he fry!"

Never literally taking cooking instructions…

After my first attempt to make a cake, the fireman told me that when it says to grease the bottom of the pan, they meant to say the inside of the pan . . .

I was teaching my son to cook spaghetti bolognese, he asked "How do I know when the spaghetti is ready?"

"Ah, that's the magic bit! You throw it at the wall and if it sticks, it's ready!" I smiled.
From over my shoulder I heard the clatter of a pan hitting the wall, then a voice said "Some of it stuck..."

A starving man traveling the country goes door-to-door begging for his breakfast meal.

One lady opens her door to the man and he says, please I am starving, I have nothing but some rocks in my pocket. If you let me eat some eggs, I'll show you eating my rocks!
The lady lets the man in and gives him some eggs. The man then asks for a pan to lay the eggs. Then he asks for oil to put on the pan. Then he asks if he can use the stove to cook the eggs. After all is said and done, the man thanks her for the breakfast and prepares to leave, but the lady interrupts him: aren't you going to eat your rocks?
I'm full, but I think I'll save them for the road.

A man went to a German food stand

A young man went to a German food stand to order a bratwurst. As he gets his order, both ends of the sausage were missing. It was nonetheless the best bratwurst he has ever tasted so he decides to ask why the ends were missing and if it improves the taste somehow.
The cook answered that just does it because that's how he learned it from his grandmother. Furthermore he told the man that if he wants to know more he can always visit his grandmother and ask her if there is something to it.
The man then went to the grandmother's home to ask her his question. She was baffled and asked if her grandson still has the old small frying pan.

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