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  1. I realized I eat too much fast food so I decided I would start cooking for myself. Does anyone here know how to "mcnugget" a chicken?
  2. I had some vegan chicken for lunch I only know because it told me before I had it killed and cooked.
  3. A joke for our new Chinese overlords: I once asked my Chinese girlfriend for a 69. She said I'm not cooking Chicken Chow Mein at this time of night.
  4. What dish would you cook to ensnare a member of the UK Conservative Party? Chicken Cacciatore.
  5. Did you hear about the blonde woman who has three hours of footage of raw chicken on her iPhone? The cooking instructions said remove sleeve and film.
  6. Customer in restaurant: How do you prepare your chickens? Cook: Oh, nothing special really. We just tell them they are gonna die.
  7. My ex and I broke up of my cooking.. ... she was vegan, I loved meat.
    She really couldn't stand me making Kiwi. In my defense, it was completely fine - it tasted just like chicken.
  8. You have 4 min to cook. Your ingredients are: Goldfish, An apple w/ 1 bite out of it, Chicken you didn't thaw, & 7 Legos
    | Chopped: Moms Edition |
  9. They told me that if I cook my chicken with beer that it will be delicious And here I am all drunk and a burnt chicken.
  10. Old man Manelli is cooking a chicken on a rotisserie in his front stoop When a hippy walks by. He stops, looks up and says: "Hey man! The music stopped and your monkeys on fire"

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  1. LPT: When cooking chicken, it needs a lot of support Alone, it tastes absolutely fowl.
  2. What's the hardest part of making chicken fried steak? Teaching the chicken to cook
  3. Did you hear about the chicken that could cook? It made everything from scratch!
  4. How do ghosts like their chicken cooked? Terri-fried!
  5. Why did the chicken cross the road? Because you didn't f**... cook it
  6. Your momma is so s**...... She thought tinder was a cooking show to make chicken.

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A man goes to the dentist with some broken teeth...

The dentist asks the man what happened, to which the man responds saying:
"My wife cooked some chicken and roti (Indian flatbread) but the bread was very hard and stiff."
The dentist replied: "You should have told her the bread was too hard and refused to eat it"
To which the man responds:
"Man, that's exactly what I did!"
(A joke originally told to me by my grandfather in Urdu)

A dude goes out on a date with his new Chinese girlfriend...

It goes so well that she invites him back to her place. "I had a wonderful time," she purrs at him. "I'm pretty much up for anything you want after a night like that."
The young guy thinks for a moment and says, "Well, to be honest, I've always wanted to try a 69."
"Forget that!" she says. "There's no way I'm cooking chicken chow mein at this time of night!"

A stubborn chicken

There was once a stubborn chicken at Mr. Wiley's farm who always used to find ways to escape out the back.
Mr. Wiley decided to put a fence around chicken house, but being a stubborn chicken, he still managed to escape out the back.
Then Mr. Wiley decided to put it in a cage. But chicken, being stubborn still managed to escape out the back.
Frustrated, Mr. Wiley killed it, cooked it and finally ate it. But the chicken was stubborn. He still managed to escape out the back.

A raw chicken s**... dreams of being cooked and enjoyed one day

Until then, it's just a pre-tender.

Vegan cooking instructions

How regular people read cooking instructions: dip the chicken breast in whisked egg.
How vegans read cooking instructions: dip the flayed carcass of the mother in the embryonic fluid of the child.

Help create the punch line?

My dad sent me the beginnings to a joke, but never sent the punch line....any help creating one?
Toad is stirring a steaming caldron over an open flame
Frog says, "What's cooking?" as the flames send tiny sparks into the night
Toad hands the frog a piece of a boiled chicken leg. "here try this".........

A man traps a chickenb in a room, but it gets out from the back side.

He then traps it in a cage, but it breaks it and escapes from the back side. The man then kills the chicken, cuts it, cooks it and eats it. The chicken gets out from the back side, again.

I saw a picture of a cute girl while preparing to cook my chicken

So I decided to beat my meat

They've broken in my house so many times, they leave notes complaining about things: "The salt was low."
"Pick up bread. We be back."
Grease all over my stove they cooked and left the best chicken and dressing you ever want to lay your lips on.

A farmer's wife is cooking breakfast for the family

The wife serves the farmer's breakfast first, then the farmer's daughter, then a plate for herself, and calls the family down. The farmer's son enters, and sees that he's been given nothing, and he protest, "Where's my eggs? My bacon? My milk?"
The wife replies, "I saw you kick the chickens, earlier so no eggs for a week. I also saw you kick the pig, so no bacon for a week. And I saw you kick the cow, so no milk for a week."
Just then the farmer walks in, k**... the cat as he enters. The boy looks to his mother, "should you tell him or should I?"

Old man's wife has hearing problems

An old man goes to his doctor.
Old man: Hey Doc, my wife's hearing is becoming terrible, is there anything you can give me to help her out?
Doc: Well, how bad is it?
Old Man: We rarely talk any more, Doc, and I love her more than anything.
Doc: Try the distance test. When you get home, Call her name and if she doesn't hear you, get closer and closer until she does. This will give me a good sense of how bad her hearing actually is.
Old Man: Okay, thanks Doc. See you soon.
So, the Old Man goes home, opens his front door and shouts "EDNA?! WHAT'S FOR DINNER?!"
He walks through his hall and once more shouts "EDNA?! WHAT'S FOR DINNER?!"
He walks to the door to his kitchen and sees his dearest wife over the oven cooking dinner. "EDNA?! WHAT'S FOR DINNER?!"
Frustrated, the Old Man walks right up to his wife and shouts in her ear "EDNA?! WHAT'S FOR DINNER?!".

Mole family and farmer Davis

There was a mole family on a farm, they had a mole hole. The farm belonged to Farmer Davis.
One day Farmer Davis decided to cook some chicken, so he starts a cookin.
Papa mole could smell some chicken and thought it smelled so good, so he scurried on up the mole hole and say at the entrance and whiffed!
"It's so good" he exclaimed.
He called his wife , Mama mole to come smell it too.
She then scurried up the mole hole next to papa mole and smelled the chicken.
"It IS so good" said mama mole.
Papa mole then called to their child, baby mole to come and smell the chicken.
Baby mole made his way over to the hole but couldn't get up to the entrance since mama and papa mole were blocking the way.
He was scampering around trying to smell the chicken and getting frustrated, finally papa mole called down asking "can you smell the chicken?" .
Baby mole then replied in a heat "No, all I can smell is Molasses!"

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