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  1. Why did the cookie go to the doctor? Because he felt crumby. - my 4 y.o. daughter
  2. how did Cookie Monster decide who'd win the oscars? he went through all the nom-nom-nominations.
  3. If Cookie Monster was going to eat a country, what country would he eat? Viet-nom-nom-nom-nom
  4. Did you know the Cookie Monster is an Uber driver now? Bt he quit on the 1st day as everyone he delivered to was on the same street
  5. During puberty, how did Cookie Monster's friends describe him? "Young, dumb and full of crumb"
  6. Yo momma's so ugly, they push her face into the dough mixture when making monster cookies.
  7. Did you hear about the Cookie Monster went into the army? He got sent to Viet-nomnomnomnomnom
  8. "All your dreams will come true", said my fortune cookie And the next day I realized, I went to work n**... and couldn't run when I got chased by that monster

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  1. Word on the Street is, Cookie Monster has COVID… It's the Om nom nom nomicron variant.
  2. What's Cookie Monsters favourite band? Oreo Speedwagon.
  3. What is cookie monsters favorite war? Vietnom nom nom nom
  4. How did Cookie Monster feel after eating all the cookies? Pretty crummy
  5. who do monsters buy their cookies from? the ghoul scouts.
  6. Why doesn't Cookie Monster have good internet privacy? He always accepts the cookies.
  7. How does the Cookie Monster pay for his cookies? With Cookie Dough.
  8. Where did Cookie Monster develop PTSD? Viet-nom nom nom nom nom.
  9. Elliot Ness, Cookie Monster, and John Locke start a law firm. Locke Ness Monster.
  10. Word on the sesame street is... The cookie monster's a real macadamia nut.
  11. What's blue, hairy and always full? Cookie monster
  12. My friend Cookie Monster's wife had a midget baby. It was a short, bred cookie.
  13. What did the Cookie Monster get on the 50th anniversary of the Muppets? diabetes.
  14. Why did cookie monster invent the internet? To eat more cookies!!!

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