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What do you call a mentally retarded chef?

A slow cooker

If you die while making food in a slow cooker, whoever finds your body will have a nice warm meal waiting for them

They can also eat whatever is in the slow cooker too

Why does a watched pot never boil?

Because it's a pressured cooker

Cooker joke, Why does a watched pot never boil?

Why did the pressure cooker jump off the pier?

Peer pressure!

What do you call a chef on a time constraint?

A pressure cooker!

If you make green eggs and ham in an immersion cooker...

do you get Seuss-vide?

Got a new rice cooker recently.

I think she's finally starting to grasp the English language.

Cooker joke, Got a new rice cooker recently.

Creating diamonds in a pressure cooker is awesome and it's really...

... pretty coal.

The TV's airing the same pressure cooker ad over and over again.

It's Torr-turous.

Deal I got on Amazon today

Got a great deal on Amazon today: bought the ex-wife a new pressure cooker. It's the bomb.

What was the original name of the atomic bomb dropped on Japan?

The rice cooker 3000

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What's the difference between a Chinese and a Thai girl?

One is a rice cooker, the other is a nice hooker.

(I know this one's bad, SCNR.)

Don't be a glass plate that breaks from the first shock

Be a pressure cooker, the fire is under you and the heat inside you while you are whistling and don't even care!

If you die while making food in a slow cooker, whoever finds you will have a nice warm meal

Plus they could have whatever you were making in the slow cooker.

What do you call an electric chair made for 220V when it is operated at 110V?

Slow cooker.

Mafia have boiled a man to death in an industrial pasta cooker.

Police are still trying to al dentefy the victim.

Cooker joke, Mafia have boiled a man to death in an industrial pasta cooker.

How do you teach a baby to whistle?

You put it into a pressure cooker.

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