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The Best Cooke Puns

I cooked a medium-rare steak for my friend, and he said, I like it Well Done.

I said, Thanks buddy. That means a lot.

I cooked for my fiancΓ©e's parents for the first time

As I handed out the rarely cooked steak Harry (her father) said, "I like it well done."

I said, "Thanks, that means a lot."

I cooked something so good a culture was built upon it.

However according to the EPA it was a biohazard.

Cooked a meal for my wife last night and some herbs got into my eyes...

...I am parsley sighted now.

I cooked my first meal today... a steak for my dad.

Well done, he said.

I cooked for a friend of mine who I found out too late is actually a vegetarian.

I made a mistake. I made him a steak.

I cooked a boring breakfast. Allow me to eggs plain.

I cooked a boring breakfast. Allow me to eggs plain.

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