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  1. I was reading an Indian cookbook the other day. The recipe asked for butter, they actually meant Ghee... They should have clarified
  2. So I was at a book store the other day and I saw a Vietnamese cookbook... It was called "How to Wok Your Dog".
  3. I wanted to improve my cooking skills, so I finally decided to cook my way through Julia Child's cookbook I'm on page 122, but no matter how much butter I use, it still just tastes like paper.
  4. I bought my girlfriend a cheap and easy vegetarian cookbook.... Because not only is she a vegetarian....
  5. Why was the chef was devestated to find a recipe torn out of his cookbook? was his main sauce of income.
  6. Did you hear about the Middle Eastern chef who died while working on his cookbook? It will be released post-hummus....
  7. I asked my dad if he ever got around to checking out the cookbook I wrote. He said yeah, and it was about thyme.
  8. I wasted the whole day looking for an Indian cookbook at the library today. I asked the librarian for help, but I was too embarrassed to tell her I couldn't even find the naan fiction section.
  9. You know how some people make food exactly as it appears on the cookbook? I guess you could say they made copy and pasta.
  10. The Duchess of Sussex has released her Grenfell Community Cookbook. Recipes include the Mohammed flambé and the Stacy Brulée.

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Cookbook joke, The Duchess of Sussex has released her Grenfell Community Cookbook.

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  1. I've finally finished my fresh herb cookbook It's about thyme
  2. Did you hear Aerosmith just wrote a Chinese cookbook? Wok This Way!
  3. Did you hear about the new Vietnamese cookbook? It's called "101 ways to wok your dog"
  4. Did you see Nicholas Sparks released a cookbook? A Wok to Remember
  5. What's China's #1 Best Selling Cookbook? 101 Ways to Wok your Dog
  6. What did the chef use to write a cookbook? An om-nom-nom de plume
  7. There's a new Asian cookbook out... It's called 101 Ways to Wok Your Dog.
  8. Where can you find Indian cookbooks? In the naan-fiction section
  9. What was the warlock's favorite cookbook? The Necronomnomnomicon.
  10. What is Cthulhu's favorite cookbook? The NecroNomNomNom!
  11. What do you call the cookbook of the dead? The Necrinom-nom-nomicon
  12. My wife is finally going to finish her cookbook on spices... It's about thyme.
  13. What is the title to Michael J. Fox's cookbook? Shake and Bake.
  14. What's the most famous zombie cookbook? The Necronom_nom_nom
  15. Have you heard of the new Chinese cookbook? 101 ways to wok your dog.

Cookbook joke, Have you heard of the new Chinese cookbook?

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My uncle wants to publish a cookbook that teaches people how to prepare nutritious and tasty meals using the kinds of meagre rations that are available in the aftermath of a hurricane/earthquake/flood/etc.

I told him it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

A little known fact about h**... was that he was an amateur Chinese chef

He wrote a best selling cookbook, Chow Mein Kampf.

I bought a chicken cookbook.

I didn't know the smart b**... were chefs.

Cookbook joke, You know how some people make food exactly as it appears on the cookbook?

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