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Have you heard that really convoluted metaphor about poorly constructed bridges?

It's hard to get across.

what do apples, dish washer soap, the muppets, a black guy, beer, yankee candels, and the keyboard on a flip phone all have in common?

they all help make a really convoluted joke.

I work in the hole punching business. You can call me at 1-800-448-2-463.

I always leave a good first impression!
PS. I work for a printer\publisher and thought of this one while I was punching holes today. I hope the punchline isn't too convoluted.

Apparently many senior Catholic clergy like to play really convoluted practical jokes.

Yeah; they're all fiddly kidders.

I like my jokes convoluted.

What did the vegetarian German probability-mathematician say to the multilingual butcher killing a pig?
"That's the wurst that could happen!"

Curious convoluted case of Covid computation

A girl from Kentucky is found Covid 19 +ve. So the family of the girl and her boyfriend are now quarantined. Later it was found that the girl has 3 boyfriends. So 37 members of those 5 families are put into quarantine !! But now we come to know that 2 of her boyfriends have 2 more girlfriends !! Among those girlfriends, one has 2 more boyfriends !! Among them, one is married !!
Join maths classes, to learn newly introduced syllabus in Mathematics called Covid Maths....

We will never learn how to brain works

It is simply too convoluted a subject

Not a joke; just something I'd like to address…

Since we're reposting the "Einstein, Newton, and Pascal" joke, it should be noted that the actual punchline is different from what's been used. It's supposed to go like this:
*Newton draws a 1 meter by 1 meter square on the ground and steps inside. Einstein comes up to him and cries out, "Aha! I found you, Pascal!"*
The joke just doesn't work when Newton has to explain it. Not only does it beat the reader over the head with the premise, but it takes away the absurdity/surprise factor. What's funny isn't that Newton made an unlikely and convoluted hiding spot, what's funny is that it worked. Also, if the audience wouldn't recognize that one Newton per square meter equals one Pascal, then it's probably not worth telling them this joke.
No harm intended by this post. Just trying to help…

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