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The Best Conversion Puns

I graduated top of my class at gay conversion therapy

Everyone else wanted to be bottoms

Kevin Spacey is undergoing conversion therapy and hope to eventually have a normal marriage.

He says, "I want to have kids."

What do you call a conversion from centimeters to inches?

an erection

Currency caper

A Japanese man visits Australia.

On the way in he converts his 4000 yen to $100.

A couple of weeks later, he is returning home and converts his last $100, but this time only receives 2000 yen.

"what's up with this?", he enquires, "why is the conversion rate half what it was when I came here?"

"fluctuations." replies the exchange kiosk operator.

"yeah? well fluck you too, white man."

Went to a Gay Conversion camp...

Learned how to have a fabulous time.

I'm halfway through my gay conversion therapy

But I'm barely getting bi.

My parents sent me to conversion therapy.

They wanted me to go from "Pascals" to "Jewels".

A reporter wrote an article about gay conversion camps

It was shocking

I took part in a conversion therapy test

Now I'm no longer attracted to my wife, her brother is really hot though.

If I'm bi...

Do I get 50% off gay conversion therapy?

What's the difference between a Conversion Camp and the Navy?

One tries to make the gays straight and the other tries to make the straits gay.

I asked people if gay conversion camps ever worked

but nobody ever gave me a straight answer.


Sinead O'Connor has converted to Islam. Can't help but think that's the wrong religion for her. After all...

*looks to camera*

Nothing compares to Jew.

My orthodontist decided to change its motto

Conversion therapy that works

Imagine if Americans switched from feet to meters overnight...

That would be a lengthy conversion

Cry Stallone

The only reason for Sylvester Stallion's conversion...

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