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The first rule about Thesaurus club is

that you do not talk, speak, prattle, whisper, chatter, mumble, rant, articulate, babble, describe, divulge, drone, confer, deliberate, squeal, or converse about Thesaurus Club.

First Rule of Thesaurus Club:

You don't talk, discuss, converse, speak, chat, confer, deliberate, gab, or gossip about Thesaurus Club.

The first rule of thesaurus club is...

You do not talk, speak, communicate, orate, or converse about thesaurus club

Converse joke, The first rule of thesaurus club is...

Elvis Presley reportedly sent back shoes because they said "Made In China".

He always wanted a little less Converse Asian

Three intransitive verbs walk into a bar.

They sit. They converse. They depart.

What is a statistician's favorite shoe brand?


What did the devout catholic call her Converse?

Nun Chucks

Converse joke, What did the devout catholic call her Converse?

How to start a fiscally successful church:

Step 1: Learn how to converse with your God

Step 2: Do That

Step 3: Prophet!!!

For an introductory guide on how to talk to your God please send 9.99 to my church address. Email for details.

Friend:Nice shoes! are those converse?

Me:No, they're contrapositive!

Shoe language

Q) What language do shoes converse in?

A) Polish

What kind of Shoes do Linguists wear?


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Nike: If you buy our shoes, then they fit.

Converse: If our shoes fit, then you buy them.

How do dwarfs converse?

Through small talk

Why are shoes always sold in pairs?

Because they like to converse.

Went to the shoe store and bought a pair of converse,

disappointed they haven't talked back yet.

27 [M4F] Need a distraction tonight.

Just looking for a good friendly chat. I don't wanna talk about what I want distracted from. Just converse, laugh, and get to know some cool new ppl. Usernames are the same...thanks! :)

Converse joke, 27 [M4F] Need a distraction tonight.

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