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Top 10 of the Funniest Conventional Jokes and Puns

A new strain of head lice has been discovered which is resistant to conventional treatments.

That has left scientists scratching their heads.

Lice have become resistant to most conventional treatments.

Scientists are scratching their heads.

Why do hipsters only use the microwave?

Because they don't like conventional ovens.

A new strain of head lice is going around, which is resistant to all conventional treatments.

This has left scientists scratching their heads.

Dumbo is an unusual nickname for an Elephant

But I guess naming my son Elephant wasn't very conventional either

A man sadly became blind.

The doctor said "Conventional medicine offered no cure, BUT! I believe I can cure you by replacing your eyes with cheese!
The man gasped in horror, but was convinced he had no other option, so he said yes.
After the operation, the man opened his eyes. The doctor asked "How's your vision now?" The man answered "Not perfect, but gouda'nough!"

I wore my superhero outfit today and I'm not sure why everyone was staring at me.

I thought it was conventional attire.

I got fired today when I arrived as Darth Vader

I'm not sure why I was fired for wearing conventional attire.

I got fired today when I arrived wearing a superhero costume

I still don't know why I got fired for wearing conventional attire.

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