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Little joke I thought of: What do you call a duck being kidnapped?

An abduction.

I'll quietly leave through this conveniently placed door.

People say there are no advantages to being ugly

But conveniently, my portraits just hang themselves.

My grandmother was a somnambulist who had recurring dreams of coloring Easter eggs

Conveniently, she dyed in her sleep last week.

History has forgotten the name of the man that invented the "Lazy Susan",

but it conveniently still remembers the name of his ex-wife.

Ant-eno and Ant-uma met, fell in love, and had a child

Their child is conveniently called Ant-enna.

What is the mission of Chinese Candy Crush Saga?

#"Clear all the Jerry".
^(I will just get out from this conveniently placed door, thank you)

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