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The Best Conundrum Puns

What do you call two nuns playing a bongo?

A conundrum.

What's the biggest Jewish conundrum?

Free Bacon!

What's the most difficult instrument for a percussionist to play?

a conundrum

The Detective's Conundrum

The detective walked into the smokey room. His assistant scurried in after. He took in the scene.

A dim light.
A flipped table.
And 53 bicycles laying all around the floor.

"It's apparent what he wrong here," the detective said.

"What is it?" asked the perplexed assistant.

"Someone had an ace up their sleeve."

What is it called when a drum runs into a problem?

A conundrum.

What do you call a drum that causes problems?

A conundrum

Did you hear about the problems they've had at church recently?

They've had a real conundrum.

A Black Hole Conundrum

I understand that people are attracted to black holes, but I don't know how they see anything in them.

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