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The Best Controller Puns

A Kinect game made me angry enough to throw the controller at a wall...

I've been in the hospital for 2 days now.

Why did the GameCube controller get off the boat?

Because he got a little c-stick.

I tried to sell my Thomas the Tank Engine train set at an antiques store today.

"You would have got more for it if the fat controller wasn't missing." Said the assistant.

"Yeah, you're probably right." I replied. "She's good at haggling."

Controller joke, I tried to sell my Thomas the Tank Engine train set at an antiques store today.

My gamer girlfriend just left me...

said I always tried to controller

I was electrocuted by the Playstation controller.

I was shocked twice.

EA releases details about their new controller.

"It's not going to have a down button."

I want a job as a quality controller in a mirror factory.

It's a job I could really see myself doing.

Controller joke, I want a job as a quality controller in a mirror factory.

Why did the game console leave her husband?

He was trying to controller

Did you hear about the woman who had to quit her job as an air traffic controller to date a monk?

She got out of the flying plans and into the friar.

I got punched by my X-Box controller for breaking his charging cord.

He was charged with battery.

Whats a difference between my meat and my game controller?

I stop ragefully beating my meat in november.

Why do they sell a VR controller with only one size dickhole?

Whoops wrong sub.

What do you call a swindler who rules a country?

a controller

Microsoft did a commerical for a disability controller, I wonder how they did the casting.

Wanted disabled kid for a commercial must know a Fortnite dance.

Why is the kid holding a controller as he is walking down the stairs?

So he can press pause in case he falls.

I'll see myself out.

Nintendo has made my love life awesome recently

Cause now when I innocently ask, "Wanna smash?" it ends up with me not picking Pikachu or a pro controller at all.

I was watching this little kid play fortnite.

He raged and threw the controller out the window.

What did the remote controller say to the tv?

I know he turns you on but man, that guy just pushes my buttons!

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