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  1. A control freak has 5 kids, how many of them does it take to change a light bulb? There's no point in trying, none of them can change anything.
  2. Knock Knock Q: Who's there?
    A: Control Freak.
    Q: Con...
    A: Okay, now you say, "Control Freak who?"
  3. Knock knock. Who's there? Control freak. Right as they start to say "control freak who?" You quickly cut them off and say "next you're supposed to say control freak who!"
  4. Knock knock Who's there?
    A control freak
    Okay, now you say control freak who?
  5. control freak me: knock knock
    you: whos there?
    me: control this is the part where you say "control freak who?"
  6. My wife freaked out when I opened the door for her She was screaming that I was losing control of the car

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  1. Knock knock Who's there
    Control freak..... Now you say control freak who
  2. What do you need to perform a fair test in a mental asylum? A control freak.
  3. I'm not a control freak. But let me show you the right way to do that.
  4. I hate control freaks. They never listen to me.
  5. What's a control freaks favorite macro? Control+U

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A couple is having s**... one night....

After they finish up, they realize that the c**... ripped during s**.... But before the woman freaks out, the man hands her some birth-control pills he bought earlier.
He came prepared.

My favorite Knock-knock joke...

"Who's there?"
"Control Freak - now you say 'Control Freak who?'"
(sometimes they might respond 'I know what to say!' and then I smile at them and then they laugh)

A dude suddenly found out that his wife was having an affair..

.. but before he could talk about it with her she suddenly died in a freak accident. As the person with whom she was having the affair was a neighbourhood guy, the husband also invited him at the f**... ceremony.
At the ceremony the husband somehow was in control of himself but the lover was inconsolable and finally broke down completely. The husband could not contain himself any further, he went to the guy, patted him on the shoulder, hugged him, with tears in his eyes, and said, "Don't worry mate, I am going to marry again soon."

A man loses his legs in a bear fight

Despite this, he wins the fight, and uses the bears legs to replace his own.
By the time he gets to a hospital, he has full control over his legs,
The doctors tie the legs better, and let him keep them,
About a month later, a ringmaster of a freak circus finds him, and offers him a job in the circus,
He accepts, and a few months later, is ready for his first act,
He walks in front of the audience, and loudly claims
'I will walk over these hot stones bear-foot'

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