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Grandpas joke: Ellen's church recognition

Ellen was very involved with her church and community projects. So much so, the paster decided to recognize her efforts during Sunday service.

Paster Davis: I'd like to take a moment to recognize Ellen for her hard work and contributions. Ellen come up here and take a bow.

Ellen smiles and bows.

Paster Davis: to reward your efforts, why don't you pick out the next 3 hymns.

Ellen points into the crowd "I'll take him, him, and him"

George Takei's contributions to the Gay Community cannot be understated.

He put the O My back in Sodomy.

All these jokes about Alabama but no one acknowledges their contributions, like inventing the toothbrush

At least I think it was Alabama. Anywhere else they'd have called it a teethbrush.

I like my women like I like my coffee

Very strong, and given proper credit for their contributions in both the home and the workplace.

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